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Review JBL T100A | JBL T100A Review | Facts About J100A - techinfoBiT

Last week I have purchased new budget earphone of JBL, the JBL T100A. I’m a bit choosy about headphones/earphones so it was hard for me to make a buying decision. I already have two headphones of JBL and since last 5 years and I’ve mostly used JBL earphones.

So you can assume I like JBL’s products. I had already read too many positive feedback on Flipkart and Amazon about this earphone, and since it’s not too pricey hence I thought to buy it, to end my curiosity of whether it is really worth the deal or not.

Some Important Features About JBL T100A

  • Driver – 8mm
  • Impedance – 16ohms
  • Sensitivity – 100dBSPL
  • Cable Length – 1.1m
  • Single Button to receive calls.
  • Mic inbuilt

The earphone is designed for cellphones so it also has a mic and the best part, it is positioned perfectly, which assists you to make calls easily and the person on the other side of the call can hear you clearly.

It’s not like other earphones which come with mobile phones because, in most of the bundled earphones, the mic is placed on the distant part of the headphone wire hence it becomes struggling for the person on other side of the call to hear the voice clearly. I’ve seen lots of people holding earphone’s mic near their mouth by using their hand struggling to talk. So this is the first thing I noticed in this earphone after unboxing.

Review JBL T100A | JBL T100A Review | Facts About J100A-techinfoBiT
The build quality is not premium but its good enough based on what you should expect in this price range.

Now coming to a very important part that is sound quality, I want to say that the customer feedbacks that I read about it were right. Yes, it has very good sound quality. I don’t think I’ll get better sound quality in Rs 700/- whereas mic is an added advantage. The bass is bit weak but it can be managed via customizing equalizer settings.

There are two things I would like to add, that everyone has their own choice of music and sound and other is the sound quality which also depends on the audio output of devices. For example, if I’m using it with Nexus 4 and One Plus One and I’m getting pretty much good sound quality on One Plus One including the bass.

Another thing I want to mention is, JBL T100 manages to deliver detail in its sound output. You can hear clarity in sound and you will feel every part of music very clearly. But on full volume, it sounds a bit noisy which can be managed by equalizer settings.

So overall this product is value for money and you can buy it if you are looking for earphone around Rs 700/-. On the contrary, if you can stretch your budget a bit more than you should go with Xiomi Piston or One Plus One Silver Bullet.


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