Talking Tablets: How to Take Care of Your Tablet Computer

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No matter how much you tap at your tablet’s screen, you can’t get it to turn on. You’ve tried plugging it in and letting it charge for a bit. You’ve tested your outlet to make sure that it works, and you’ve made sure that your charge cord isn’t damaged at all.

None of the usual suspects is the cause. That means it’s something a little more serious. If you don’t take care of your tablet computer the right way, it can have some lasting consequences.

Consequences like having a device that’s nothing more than a fancy paperweight. We can help you avoid the worst-case scenario. Check out this guide to learn how to keep your tablet going for years to come.

Use the Stylus That Came With the Device:

There’s one thing that all tablets have in common. They come with a stylus that will allow you to tap and draw on the screen. The problem is that these little styluses are easy to lose.
The good news is that they’re equally easy to replace, but you need to buy one that goes with your particular tablet. If you cheat on your stylus, it could end with you having a very scratched-up screen.

Never try to improvise by using the pens you have laying around your house. Doing so will end in absolute disaster.

Buy a Case and Screen Protector:

You’re walking around with your tablet when all of a sudden, you trip over a crack in the sidewalk. You manage to catch yourself, but you launch the tablet. It lands on the ground with a heart-shattering crunch.

You wouldn’t walk around with your cell phone unprotected. Your tablet should be no exception. Buying a case can mean the difference between a broken device and a still intact screen when faced with scenarios like the one above.

Buying a screen protector for a tablet is less common than it is with smartphones, but it’s still worth doing. Manufacturers make protectors that are large enough to fit a tablet’s screen for a reason.

If you need help picking out a case, you can go here to read more. For now, we’re going to move on to the cleaning process.

Keep Your Device Clean:

Dirt and grime are the banes of every electronic’s existence. If you have a tablet cover that folds over the screen or a protector, you won’t have to worry about it quite as much.
If you don’t have these things, you’ll need to invest in lint-free cloth. If you like having a screen that’s not scratched to kingdom come, you won’t use a paper towel.

In most cases, running a cloth over the screen every now and again will do the trick. You won’t need to pick up a cleaning agent unless your screen gets super gross.

If you have to use the cleaning agent, turn your screen off before you spray it down. You can turn the tablet back on after it’s dry enough.

Keep It Out of Direct Sunlight:

Extreme heat and tablets don’t mix. Most of them use aluminium to some degree in their designs. That means they can get hot pretty fast when left out in direct sunlight.
If you’re not careful, the device could overheat, which will do a number on the components inside it. Leaving your tablet in your car isn’t the only thing you’ve got to watch out for. Something as simple as putting it too close to your stove could lead to issues.

Update Your Tablet:

Developers are always coming up with new ways to improve their technology. They bring these new advances to you in the form of updates. So, if you notice that your tablet is running a bit slow, go to your system preferences and look for an update.

Letting it download won’t only improve your tablet’s performance. It will also patch up any security holes and make it more difficult for hackers to obtain your information.

Antivirus Software for Tablet:

Speaking of hackers, don’t browse the web on your tablet without installing anti-virus software of some kind. Doing so will keep those pesky cybercriminals out.

Of course, downloading an antivirus program is only one step to protecting yourself while browsing the web. You’ll need to keep your malware protection updated.

If someone you don’t know sends you an email that contains a bunch of links, don’t click on them. Scan flash drives before you open them on your device.

While you don’t read about smartphones and tablets getting infected too often, it’s still something that can happen. Don’t put yourself in a false sense of security.

Use Safe Battery Practices:

Your device doesn’t turn off when the screen goes blank. It works on low power mode while it’s asleep. It’s a handy feature because you cut bootup time in half.

Leaving your tablet on that often can put some wear and tear on the battery, however. You can stop your device from running while in sleep mode by tweaking your power settings.

Don’t overcharge your tablet. Let it drop down to 50% before putting it on the charger, and only leave it there until it reaches 100%. This practice will only cut back on battery wear and tear a little bit, but it’s better than nothing.

Take Care of Your Tablet Computer:

Your tablet computer is an expensive device. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t protect your investment with the proper care steps.

By investing in a case and not browsing the web without antivirus, you’ll stretch out the life of your tablet for years to come. For more tips that will help you take care of all your electronic devices, visit the Tech section of our blog.


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