Tik Tok to be Banned in India, Madras High Court Directs Centre for the Ban


Tik Tok is one of the most popular video applications among youngster in India, this is a Chinese application which allows its user to create a different kind of Video using a different kind of voice over, dubbing and video mixing. Tik Tok, earlier known as Musical.ly is not the only app with such features but it’s been very popular among smartphone users lately and there is a massive user base in India; it has over 120 million monthly active users in the country.

In a recent order, the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court directs the central government to ban the application, the court said the application is encouraging the pornography. The order directs the Media to not telecast the videos made using the Tik Tok App.

The court has also ordered the Tamil Nadu state government to submit a report regarding the steps taken by the state authorities to prohibit the Tik Tok application.

A senior lawyer of Madurai has filed the petition in the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court seeking the ban to TikTok application. Muthu Kumar, the lawyer who filed the petition said to the court that the Governments of Indonesia and Bangladesh have already prohibited the use of the application.

The government has to answer whether the Union of India will enact a statue, like Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, enacted by the United States, to prevent the children becoming cyber/online victims,” the judgment order read.

“Majority of the teens are playing pranks, gaffing around with duet videos sharing with split screen to the strangers. The children who use the said application are vulnerable to sexual predators,” the court said in reply to the petition.

The honourable court said: “The Government has got the social responsibility to prevent these kinds of applications and also take action against the persons, who are making use of it. It is always open to the authorities to take action without waiting for the order from this court.”

The state and central government have to respond to the court’s order by April 16 which not very far, so maybe very soon the Tik Tok mobile app will be banned in India.


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