Top 10 Alternatives of Puppet Lab in 2021: Configuration Management Tools

Top 10 Alternatives of Puppet Lab in 2021-Configuration Management Tools-techinfoBiT

If you’ve landed upon this article, it might mean you are tired of using Puppet and looking for a better tool to replace it with no trouble. Right? Hence, to lessen your worry and make your research short, we’ve summed up top alternatives of Puppet Lab having similar or advanced features. So, without any further ado, take a tour of the best replacement options of Puppet Lab.


Although new in the market, Attune is grabbing the attention of IT organizations. It provides you with an easy-to-use interface that helps in managing all your servers. Attune is a server automation solution for patching, automating build procedures, and compliance across virtual and physical servers. Additionally, Attune allows the pasting of existing scripts to swiftly create automated jobs without learning a new or unique language. Also, Attune can export all the automation jobs for management approvals.


Chef is one of the old and mature tools available in the market. Any complicated automation in Chef is for the system configuration, and therefore it makes sure that the system is configured systematically. In Chef, codes are written to explain the infrastructure development, and then the servers enforce it into action. You can easily add new servers. Chef is supported by a large community that provides support to Windows and Linux. It is written in Ruby and can do version control for many applications.


No doubt Ansible tool is made to ease IT automation and configuration. And because of the automated solution, you save time and resources. And, therefore many companies use Ansible. Ansible efficiently self-document the process so that the process is readable for anyone. You do not need coding skills for automating your applications. Also, since agents are not present–agentless architecture– in Ansible, it ensures the tool is reliable and secure.


Next in the line is GitLab, which is responsible for hosting and managing web technologies. Considering GitLab makes the user perform the task inside the browser, a user interface or terminal emulator is not needed. Also, you can access a version control system from a remote location while using GitLab. Additionally, the codes are written in Ruby or Go language it has maximum portability. In GitLab, there is an integrated text editor. Hence the user need not use any specific IDE.


Cfengine is another best alternative you can imagine. The tool is available in C language that makes it faster as compared to others. In Cfengine, hundreds of nodes have scaled because of their decentralized architecture. Cfengine is secure, and hence the records are tracked without any issues.


Next, we have Rudder, which is available for production. Therefore continuity is not a trait of the tool. You can either use codes to run the tools or via the user interface. Another alternative to run the tools is via APIs. A Rudder is an uncomplicated tool, and hence there is no problem in using any number of applications on it.


Terraform is yet another alternative to Puppet for automating configuration management. Plus, it is one of the most famous server automation tools with its simple user interface and infrastructure provision across various cloud platforms. Terraform enables unified command-line interface CLI through open-source laC.


Fabric uses Python language and the command-line tool, which is handy for streamlining purposes. The system administration tasks are done smoothly via Fabric.


Foreman is another option to replace Puppet as the tool helps the system administrator manage servers throughout the entire server lifecycle. All tasks from automation and provisioning and configuration management are done with the tools. Orchestration of the applications occurs faster than you can imagine.


Last but not least, DCImanager is also an alternative to replace Puppet for good. In DCImanger, server provisioning is automated. It makes it simple to manage and control data centre equipment. Plus, there is a recovery mode for the servers. The VLAN configuration is responsible for the network devices management in the DCImanager.

Wrapping Up:

Even though there are numerous alternatives to Puppet, these tools top the list. Furthermore, each serves its purpose, and a careful study reveals which tools are necessary for the users. And the selection of the tools entirely depends on the needs of your organization.


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