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Work comes with a lot of duties. Working in a company is a very serious job. It hardly gives anyone a space for recreation. At the same time, the regular work following the same old routine also becomes very monotonous. And monotony often results in a lack of interest in work.

In order to maintain a healthy spirit of work among its employees, a company must think of doing things like a virtual hackathon. It is interesting and not only creates a sense of recreation but at the same time is well-managed, informative and also contributes to holding up the team spirit.

Let us learn the process and its benefits in details:

  1. A hackathon is organized by a company virtually to bring together the entire team and also to help the employees in discovering their talents that they are not aware of. It is mainly an event where the entire team comes together and they focus on the new and special tasks that they are assigned to other than their everyday boring routine work and this gives them the boost and energy to work with greater zeal and enthusiasm. Hackathons help in looking through changing perspectives of the employees in different areas.
  2. Hackathon can also be said as an entire process that charges the group or the team with a surge of creative energy. It breaks through the glass doors of professionalism and helps the employees to enter a world full of possibilities and ignites the urge to do something new in them. Organizing a Hackathon is quite a big job. None of the threads of the activities that are planned can be missed. Because, if it does then the entire concept fails. So this comes as a responsibility to a particular team to bring out the best of all the individuals present in the team of the company along with maintaining their team spirit.
  3. There are so many steps to organizing a hackathon. It starts with the invitation of participants. Now, this can be different for different companies. Some try and make it compulsory for all and that makes hackathons interesting and demanding. Making them compulsory for all also sends a message across employees how their recreation is given a priority by their team. Sending them invitations with a little hint of the main event makes the event look grand. Then comes the part of choosing a panel of judges for unbiased criticism and justified results. This plays a very important role.
  4. Apart from the above-mentioned steps, there are a lot many steps that go into the preparation and execution of a hackathon. Some of them are reviewing the submissions made by different participants in case of certain events, then declaring the winners and further analysis of data and tracking vital entries and taking submissions, etc. In the physical world, these processes are time-consuming and take extra efforts to be managed. So Virtual software has been designed by some company websites which can deal with all the preparation and execution tasks of these hackathons and the participants or the employees can just indulge in having fun and learning from them.
  5. These websites allow the organizations to hand them over all their duties of organizing a hackathon for their team members. There are very simple steps by which they can be accessed and it is practically beneficial for both the team members and the organizations as they help in saving a lot of time. The first step is to go to a trusted virtual hackathon organizing website and create their website for the company concerned. It takes in only a few details and then the website is created. Maintenance of privacy is one of the key features of these websites.
  6. The second step is to log in to the website created and enter the details that are required for the event to be conducted. Details such as what is the event all about and how many participants are there and their names, also what activities will be there in the event and how the winners shall be chosen, etc. It also includes the guidelines that will be given to each participant and breaching them will lead to disqualification. The various challenges that the company is planning to put in that event are also to be mentioned here. There is another interesting part of these websites that even if the company hasn’t decided on the challenges it will include it can always take a look at the list provided by these websites. These websites, therefore, can rightly be called the organizing committees for hackathons.
  7. Virtual hackathons have a list of benefits. But among them what is most important is the feature that the ideas can be rightly shared without much effort via the various social media platforms. Broadcasting any message is no more a hand to hand task. Therefore, the participants remain connected with each other 24*7. This benefit can never be availed in the physical presence of the hackathon. The stages of the event along with the prizes and the rules of participation can be shared within no time by the organizing team with the help of these websites. They have technically and virtually made their job a lot much easier.
  8. Forming teams is another crucial task which lengthens the process of the execution of a hackathon. These websites do these tasks within no time. They help the participants to form teams virtually according to various parameters from which anyone is chosen by the company. Not only this, but they help in connecting with participants all over the world which means that no participant can miss out even if they are not in the same office of any particular place.
  9. Judges are free to log in anytime they want into their website of a virtual hackathon and look at the event’s progress and the performance of various teams and individual participants. Thus, they can effectively give results in response to the challenges.

Virtual hackathons are very concisely managed and these virtual websites have made everything easy by taking the entire responsibility of the organizing committee.


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