What Is .CHK Files And How to Restore It

What Is .CHK Files And How to Restore It

What Is .CHK File?

Whenever any program or windows operating system crashes or when some files are opened and not closed properly while shutting down the computer. Before shutting down the system Windows has to store all file informations on the system for all open and running applications and files. So next time when you power on the system it may need to load all the data saved while shutting down the system without this info, Windows operating system can’t find all the relevant data about the files and applications, so to run the system properly Windows will do the SCANDISK or CHKDISK on startup to check the all file, file system, and info about the files. All data that has not stored properly may be identified as “lost file fragments” and converted (if you want) into CHK files.

So whenever you getting the SCANDISK or CHKDISK on startup but if you were working on (and lost) something important just before a crash and you wanted to recover the data from an existing .CHK files then read this post till the end and follow the instruction mentioned below.

  1. You can recover the file by changing the file names but to do so you should be having the exact information about the file and its type. Find the file and rename it with the actual file extension or the extension what it supposed to have. Suppose you wanted to recover the test.doc file and there is a file called test.CHK just change the extension to .doc (test.doc). This will correct and restore the file and its data.
  2. Download the free .CHK file recovery program from http://www.ericphelps.com/uncheck The tool will be downloaded as a .zip file.
  3. Extract the file using WinZip or any other program capable of unzipping the files
  4. Open the newly installed application/tool/software >> select a file or drive to scan for CHK files. If you know the file/folder location of the CHK file, point to it and if not then let the program scan the entire drive.
  5. Select the CHK files which you want to be restored after finishing the scan and click “Done.” The recovery will start and you will have your file restored.

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