What is the Best Video Conference Program for Mac?

What is the Best Video Conference Program for Mac? Slack for Mac, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, BlueJeans Video Conference Meeting-techinfoBiT

Close to 28.5% of employed Americans have been working from their master bedrooms during the ongoing restriction measures due to COVID-19. However, the majority of American employees have been unable to bring the necessary equipment from their workplaces to their homes. As the remote working culture becomes the new normal, the use of video conferencing will form an important support platform for American businesses.

Today, meeting your boss, clients, or prospective customers doesn’t have to be physical. Apart from protecting you from the risk of contracting COVID-19, installing a video conference program on your Mac will also ensure reduced travel time.

Are you a Mac user, and you wonder what video conferencing programs you can use to enhance optimized attendance? Read on to learn the best video conference programs for Mac.

Slack for Mac:

With slack for Mac, your ability to get in touch with your colleagues is now duck soup. You can make voice calls and video calls with incredible ease in the comfort of your home. The best thing about slack is the fact that all its calling features are compatible with Mac.
Slack has a superior voice call feature of 16 kHz, a moderate audio frequency for any employee working from home. With the growing interest in video conferencing, slack for Mac also supports 1280×760 resolution. This is an edge higher above the standard definition, which makes video meetings worth it.

Further, slack for Mac supports 15 frames per second of video calls. The advantage of such a resolution is that it allows for screen sharing when meeting with multiple guests. You can learn more on slack for Mac on Setapp.


Zoom currently boasts of having close to 300 million daily participants on their virtual meeting platform. The company expects sales to hit close to $1.8 billion this year, which is a record high in the video conference market.

Zoom is a perfect video conferencing option for any virtual meetup. The platform has unique features, which include the four icons that make navigation easy. You can schedule meetings, join meetings, share and split-expand the meeting with these features.
When using the zoom video conference program, you also have the option to customize your background pictures. You may also expand the view and see upcoming meeting details with a single click.


The emergence of new, more innovative video conferencing apps has delved a big blow to pioneers such as Skype. Even so, Microsoft Skype is among the forerunners in the field of video conferencing. Skype remains one of the most powerful videos conferencing apps the world over.

You can share meeting screens, record sessions, and even include live subtitles when making video calls. Skype has readable versions of any meeting, which differentiates the video conferencing app from most other options. Today, Skype has Microsoft teems, which is a useful business tire for corporate meetings.

You now have the option of interacting with colleagues on multiple screens. The Microsoft teams feature on Skype is a perfect option for businesses.

Google Meet:

Google meet is the modern version of google hangouts. The platform encompasses a video conferencing software, which is part of the broader G-Suite system. One of the best features in hangouts is the ability to offer real-time captioning.

Did you know that Google meet can support up to 250 participants? The platform is also unique, considering that it can also support close to 100,000 live streams viewers. Google meet is a perfect solution for companies with huge teams.

BlueJeans Video Conference Meeting:
Are you looking for a video conference app that is easy to use, yet compatible with macOS? BlueJeans video conference program is among the more recent innovative apps. The option allows you to communicate with a diverse workforce in real-time.

The app allows for screen sharing and is compatible with both mobile and desktops. Such a mobile-friendly addition is advantageous for Mac users who wish to use iPhones in their virtual meets.

The app has a free trial, but you need to pay for most of the advanced features. You also have the option for cloud recording and any other extras that support video conferencing. If you are looking for an enterprise-level solution for video conferencing, then BlueJeans is the answer.


Most iPad and iPhone users appreciate the usefulness of FaceTime in their video conferencing endeavours. The video conference program is also easy to use on Mac computers, given its ease of compatibility. This app is free to use, which makes it even more attractive among Mac users.

FaceTime uses end-to-end encryption, which also addresses the issue of pf privacy and security. You no longer have to worry about the privacy of your calls and the content of any conversation. With FaceTime, you also get between 1-4 Mbps of internet speed, which is fair.

InterMedia AnyMeeting:

This is among the most recent additions to the pool of leading video conferencing apps. The acquisition of AnyMeeting in 2017 by InterMedia was a new beginning for this platform. The video conferencing app has become a powerful option for individuals looking for inbuilt solutions to virtual conferences.

InterMedia Any Meeting offers a smarter, faster, and actionable video conferencing experience for clients. If you’re looking for a solution for your video conferencing needs, then Intermedia AnyMeeting is the best bet for virtual meetings.

Your search for a Video Conference Program Is Over:

Have you been looking for the best video conference program for Mac? You now have a wider range of options to choose for in your quest for an app that meets your virtual meeting needs. Apart from the more common Skype and Zoom apps, you can also consider slack for Mac for your video conferences.

As more Americans embrace the idea of remote working, finding a solution to all your virtual meeting needs is a foregone matter. If you’ve been wondering how to manage your virtual meetings, you now have more than one video conference program to choose from going forward.
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