Why Windows PCs are the Easy Target For The Attackers

Why Windows PCs are the Easy Target For The Attackers - techinfoBiT
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Windows Operating System is the most popular and the widely used operating systems, but it’s equally vulnerable. Right now you may be accessing my blog and reading this blog post using the Windows system. Windows operating systems are being targetted by the viruses and malware every day but not because it’s vulnerable but also because of its popularity. Any hackers or attackers will always try to target the system which has a large number of users and by targeting such systems they can reach to the massive number of users/system.

Piracy is also one of the prime reason of Windows operating systems are being targetted by the attackers. Every software either an operating system or a small application to do small work seeds updates for the system, security and features but we barely installing and upgrading the software.

The cracked version of almost every windows software are available on internet users are installing and using all those pirated software without even thinking about their data security, which is really very bad; by using the pirated software you are not just hurting the company financially but you are also hurting your privacy, data security by exposing yourself to attackers who can steal your data.

Using genuine and free software are always a good way of using and appreciating the technology, by using the genuine applications and operating system you can always stay updated with the latest version of the software and you can also get all the security update necessary to fight any potential threat as soon as the vendors release the updates and fixes.

However, it’s not that only Windows system is being targetted, its just that attack on Windows system a more frequent than other operating systems, most of the time because of the user’s mistakes like installation of pirated operating system, applications, and also by accessing malicious websites and downloading content from malicious websites.

  • No operating system will ever be secure from Trojans.
  • Linux/Mac only have fewer viruses because of very less number of users.

If users have the ability to run anything, they can also install anything they are tricked into running. Anyone can trick people into running a script to format their drive on any operating system if the user is gullible enough to click through the prompts and enter the admin password.

There is only one way around this, don’t let the users run anything they want! which is the reason if the system provided by the organisation or companies to its employees are locked in many ways like you can not connect any external USB devices, you can not install any software without getting permission from the admin or tech team, but this is not possible by the Operating system provider they cannot give system with such restriction so you need to use your system wisely.

Take the XBox 360, for example. It’s actually a full-fledged computer, with a huge market share, running a Microsoft operating system. Yet, with all these compounding points of vulnerability, it has no known trojans floating around in the wild. Why? Because full system access is restricted to established companies with a clear chain of responsibility. Users can’t run unsigned software on the system, and even with XNA indie devs get only crippled sandbox access.

It’s not that Linux or Mac are not facing the attacks or issues definitely the number cases are way lesser than the Windows PCs. In my opinion, the first and the best way to prevent any kind of virus and malware attacks are using genuine OS and applications downloaded from the authentic sources, and by keeping system updated with all the latest software updates. Users should also configure the security setting properly, enable the firewall, and install the security software like Antivirus and internet security tools.

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