Can’t Delete The File/Folder Error, When Trying To Delete Any File/Folder

Can’t Delete The FileFolder Error, When Trying To Delete Any FileFolder
Image Source: Unlocker

Many time windows display the error message when are trying to delete/rename or move some file/folder, mostly when you are trying to manually remove any infected file/folder.

You may have seen the error message saying some program may using this file/folder so you have to close that program first to complete the action. On Windows 7 and higher Windows operating system the error message may also contain the detail of that program but in most cases, Windows can’t detect the program which is using that file/folder.

So, I am using this really cool tool called Unlocker to kick such error,  just follow these following steps.

  • Download and install the latest version of an Unlocker from filehippo.
  • Right click on the file that you want to delete, and click on Unlocker.
  • Click on send to and click on Unlocker.
  • Unlocker tools will open the file /folder with the information of all programs using the file/folder.
  • On the next screen, you will have multiple options, choose what you want to do either delete/rename or move.
  • Just click on the option that you want to do and confirm on ask.


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