Edureka Tech Career Guide, A Personalised Roadmap to the Top Technology Jobs

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Online courses and certifications are an extremely popular medium of learning, the online learning industry has been growing exponentially since the last couple of years. There are countless websites and applications which are providing paid as well as free contents and certification.

The online learning system is very helpful for the learners who are doing jobs and looking to upgrade their skills, it’s also very popular among such learners. The working professionals can learn, upgrade their skills and get the different specialized certifications to boost their career.

But, only having so many online learning contents providers are not enough for the learners, there are tons of online contents and courses available via different websites and applications which may not help you until you do not have a career plan for you. If you are targetting your dream job then you must have a perfect plan for that and you should also have the research data about the industry to back your decision. When it comes to taking a decision which may influence your career, current job and your dream job then you can not afford to take a random decision influenced by other and advertisements.

Edureka the global learning ecosystem is not just an online learning content provider, it gives you very detailed data about all the courses and technology trending on a global scale and more importantly the career guide to achieve your dream job. The recently introduced Edureka 2019 Tech Career Guide is a detailed insight into the current top technology jobs and how to prepare for the same. It can be really helpful for learners who are looking to upgrade their skills with the latest industry trends.

The Tech Career Guide by Edureka is a personalized career roadmap for learners to achieve their dream jobs. The Career Guide lists the most sought after technology jobs of 2019 and a roadmap for learning each of these technologies. It also covers the Salary and job trends for in-demand technologies & job roles, industries and companies which are hiring for these skills, learning resources for the most sought-after job roles in 2019.

Edureka Tech Career Guide, A Personalised Roadmap to the Top Technology Jobs-techinfoBiT

The courses, tech career guide and other courses related information listed on the are very well researched. Edureka has an R&D team of subject matter experts who analyses different job trends and surveys before finalising any online courses, certifications and the contents.

Image: Edureka

Technology and its requirements in the IT industry are evolving by each passing day but there is a huge gap between the skills required by the employers and skills available to the potential employees. The industry is looking for the employee on a different level and there is a huge number of job seekers but there is a vast gap between the job seekers and employer and its’ skill-gap.

The only bridge for this gap is learning advanced skills required for the job, there are many online learning solutions like Udemy, Upgrad, Coursera, Udacity, and Edureka etc which are providing the platform with an ecosystem to help learners and job seekers to learn new skills and evolve their current skills.

Edureka is providing its students 24×7 online support by the subject matter experts to make sure that every student completes their course. Tech Career Guide 2019 also has the goal to close this skill gap by providing technology professionals customized learning paths for in-demand technologies and answer the most following frequently asked questions around technology career paths:

  • Which technical skills are worth learning
  • Which job titles are the most rewarding & their industry outlook
  • The exact career path to hot technology job roles, learning hours & resources

The Edureka Tech Career Guide is available for some trending technologies, learners can download and get the detailed insight on these technologies just by providing their basic information like name, email and phone number etc.

Edureka 2019 Tech Career Guide, the personalized roadmap for the career path in the following futuristic technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • DevOps
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity


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