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Lumiford 2.1 SubWoofer Dock, A Wireless Speaker with Unique Docking Design

Lumiford has introduced a new and unique category in the Bluetooth speaker market. The Lumiford 2.1 SubWoofer Dock is not just a speaker its...

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls

In the current technology race, everything is becoming smart and being automated to extend human luxury and comfort. The evolution of featured mobile phones...

Vogo: A High Tech and Hassle-Free Scooter Rental Service in Bangalore

Millennials in India are preferring the rental bikes and cars more than ever, whether it's a weekend trip, personal or professional meetings or city...

WandX – A Platform on Ethereum Blockchain | Trading in Portfolios...

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, IoT, AI are indeed the next big thing in technology, in the recent attendances at seminars and events organised by big tech...

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