Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Smart Home-Building Startup-techinfoBiT

In the current technology race, everything is becoming smart and being automated to extend human luxury and comfort. The evolution of featured mobile phones to feature-packed smartphones and regular cars to self-driving smart cars are not just fantasy tech or sci-fi movie things now; it’s very real. The smart and IoT enabled products including smart cars and home-building appliances are catching up the market rapidly. To boost the concept of smart home even further the smart home and building automation company Hogar Controls has its own plans.

Hogar Controls showcased a range of smart home automation products including their latest Prima+ (6 in 1 touch panel) in a blogger meet. The Hogar products packed the cutting-edge technology and features, these products will amaze you with their neat and elegant design, the finishing and colour combination of the products feels super-premium.

Hogar has designed its products considering usability and user’s comfort as a top priority, almost all smart home automation products like multifunctional smart touch panels, Pebble, Video Door Bell, Sensor Camera, and Home Controllers are designed as plug-and-play solutions. It provides user-friendly control and can be customized to fit the needs of your home, office or hotel. The outer panel of most of the newly launched Hogar products are easily interchangeable, so if you are changing the wall colour or just wanted to try a new colour for smart touch panel then you can just swipe the outer panel with a new one as per your choice.

The touch panels of Hogar Controls are a smart automation solution intend to replace the regular switch-boards being commonly used in home, offices, buildings and hotels. By using the Hogar’s smart home installation you can control lights, temperature, curtains, music and TV etc right from the mobile phone using its official app available for Android and iPhone; and also just by tapping the touch panels.

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Home Building Office-Hogar Controller-techinfoBiT

All Hogar devices are communicating with your smartphone and virtual assistant via a hub called Smart Home Controller. The Hogar Controller connects with all Hogar and ZigBee, Z-Wave Plus, WiFi supported smart home devices. Hogar Smart Home Controllers available in two variants receives the command/instruction from smartphones, Alexa, Google Assistant and relays to the Hogar smart touch panels. So, you can just ask the Alexa or Google Assitant to turn off or on the things you want.

Latest Smart Home Automation Product by Hogar:

6-in 1 Touch Panel (PRIMA+):

The smart panel, with 6 touch buttons arranged in a rectangular order, features 6 touch switches for multi-functional requirements. The panel is additionally equipped with a light dimmer, a fan speed controller and a motion sensor.

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Smart Prima Plus Home-Building Startup-techinfoBiT

The glossy touch panel comes with a contemporary look allowing the users to wirelessly control all electrical appliances at home. Additionally, the paired devices can be controlled via smartphone, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Ease of installation without additional wiring
  • The retrofit design makes the Prima+ fit into existing switchboard without the need for additional wiring
  • Equipped with an intelligent light sensor which enables the panel’s backlight intensity to auto adjust depending on the level of the room light, adding an additional level of sophistication, elegance and ambience to the room

Other Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls:

Hogar One Touch Panel:

1 Touch panel, relay or scene controller with a load current of Max 5 Amps, IN standard 2 module gang box-compatible.

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Smart One Touch Panel- Home-Building Startup-techinfoBiT


  • 1-10 programmable touch buttons
  • Heat, humidity and shockproof design
  • Detachable socket slot to choose any socket type
  • Uniform dual backlight with 2-way feedback
  • Toggle / scene

Hogar 4+1 Touch Panel:

The Hogar touch panels are beyond the stylish and smart alternatives to regular switchboards. The Hogar 4+1 touch panels can be used to set customized actions, with four programmable buttons, a two-pin socket, and a USB. It is ideally meant for the bedside of a room as four two-way switches can be used either as relays or scene mode, USB to charge mobiles and tablets and an outlet for laptops & other electronic appliances.

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Smart 4-1 Touch Panel- Home-Building Startup-techinfoBiT

This allows users to set scenes, control individual devices like fans, lights, relays, blinds, and any power appliances. This is aesthetically designed and available in a variety of colours to blend effortlessly with any rooms’ decor.

Hogar Pebble:

Pebble from Hogar Controls is a new wireless remote-control button that combines functionality into a simple, personalized device to control everything in the home.

Pebble allows you to customize up to 9 scenes such as smart lighting, shading, thermostats, locks, and more with a single touch. The pocket-sized device with a small aluminium frame and touch panel can stick easily on any metallic, glass or wooden surface or carry around in your pocket. Pebble features customization that is unique for each user’s activity and easy-to-use with a single tap, Double tap or, Press & Hold.Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Smart Pebbel- Home-Building Startup

Paired with the hub, Pebble can be used as an add-on device to create additional control for Touch Panels as Prima+, Prima in various zones of a home. It is compatible with other Z-Wave devices and the energy efficient with a battery life of one-year under regular use.

Hogar Video Door Bell:

Hogar Video Door Bell is a very useful security product, it is equipped with night-vision support and motion detection features. The doorbell lets you keep an eye at your door from anywhere in the world. Hogar Video Door Bell also lets you integrate with your home’s security systems to trigger lock/unlock sequences remotely. Its 2-way audio capability means that you can not only view who’s at the entrance but also hear and interact with them using the user-friendly HogarCam HD mobile app.

Update Your Home with Smart Home Automation Products by Hogar Controls-Smart Video Door Bell- Home-Building Startup


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Two-way audio; one-way video
  • Audio input/output speaker: Speaker & Microphone
  • Push notification updates on iOS and Android


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