SimpliLearn has Refreshed the Popular Certified Ethical Hacking Course to CEH v10

SimpliLearn has Refreshed the Popular Certified Ethical Hacking Course to CEH v10-online hacking course-certification-techinfoBiT
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Ethical Hacking might not be a very common and popular career option but it always a fascinating one among the youth. If you have ever pursued the career path or had interest in ethical hacking you might be already aware of the ethical hacking, career opportunity, and its courses. For those who just started crawling CEH Training, Ethical Hacking is advanced security skill, basically a penetration testing or intruding into system or networks to find out potential threats, vulnerabilities in systems so that it such vulnerabilities in system or network won’t be exploited by a malicious program and hackers.

Almost every big companies who handle or deal with the sensitive data usually have a team of ethical hackers also called white hat hackers; job of such ethical hackers is to intrude into the system and uncover the potential threats, vulnerabilities in organization’s system so that it can be fixed earliest possible and to make the system more robust and safe. A person who has done the certification in ethical hacking from a recognised institution is called certified ethical hackers.

The Certified Ethical Hackers in any company or organisation uses the knowledge and tools of malicious attackers to uncover vulnerabilities in computer systems. A CEH always needs to be a step ahead of the malicious program and hackers so that the system can stay prevented from any potential breach; This challenging and unpredicted tasks of ethical hacking make this job unique and fascinating for the new generation.

Almost all leading online and offline institute which provides the tech course and certification is conducting the different type of ethical hacking courses and certifications. You may get hundreds of ethical hacking courses in just a single Google search, but you should always opt the legitimate one.

It’s very necessary to go through the course contents and topics to be covered before signing up for CEH or any technical certification because technology is changing rather evolving each passing day and everyone needs to learn the new an updated technology while upgrading their skills. Simplilearn is among such few companies that provide the updated course and topics for different courses, the refreshed Certified Ethical Hacking is just an example for that.

SimpliLearn has Refreshed the Popular Certified Ethical Hacking Course to CEH v10-online hacking course-certification-techinfoBiT
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The global certification training provider Simplilearn has trained more than 1,000,000 learners in more than 400+ courses available by the company. One of the key focus of the company is to provide the latest and updated knowledge about the courses to its learners, this has been like a norm among the online certification and training providers, unlike the offline courses where courses and course content with the updated content are not very easy to find.

Simplilearn has updated its popular Certified Ethical Hacking course, now they call it CEH V10 which means Certified Ethical Hacking Version 10. With the CEH v10 certification by Simplilearn, learners will be trained on the advanced step-by-step methodologies that hackers actually use, such as writing virus codes and reverse engineering, so can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches.

The CEH V10 is recognized by the leading global organisation like ANSI (American National Standards Institute), DoD (United States Department of Defence), NICF, NICE, KOMLEK, and MSC etc.

Certified Ethical Hacking Course (CEH V10) Key Features:

  • 40 hours of instructor-led training
  • 6 months free access to CEHv10 iLabs
  • Accredited Training Partner (ATP) of EC-Council
  • Study Material(e-Kit) by EC Council
  • Covers 20 current security domains and 340 attack technologies

Simpleilearn is providing the certification in ethical hacking for both individual and corporate, the individual learners can get the 90 days of flexible access to instructor-led online training classes, Lifetime access to high-quality, self-paced e-learning content & live class recordings and 24×7 learner assistance and support from the subject matter experts.


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