Things to Know About Upcoming Facebook News Feed

Things to Know About Upcoming Facebook News Feed - techinfoBiT

Facebook revamped its News Feed. The design which aims to give a more unified experience to Facebook users across all platform like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops and the new content based news feed will give greater prominence to photos, links etc.

Things to Know About Upcoming Facebook News Feed:

  • Content-Based Feeds:  In the new design, there won’t be just one News Feed. Content-based Feeds coming up as well.

These have been named as follows:-

  • All Friends: A feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing from status messages to links etc.
  • Photos: A feed with nothing but photos from your friends and the Pages you like on Facebook.
  • Music: A feed with posts about the music you listen to, music that your friends listen to, information about your favourite artists and what they share on Facebook.
  • Following: This feed with the latest news from the Pages you like, celebrities, and other important people you follow on Facebook.

The top of the page has a switcher with a list of feeds. Mobile will also have this option of different feeds.

  • Bigger Photos on the Site: This change will apply not just to pictures shared by your friends or people you follow, but in thumbnails, etc as well.

Things to Know About Upcoming Facebook News Feed - techinfoBiT

For instance, if you are following techinfoBiT on facebook and we shared a link, the Thumbnail for that article will get bigger then the previous News Feed design.

  • The left-hand sidebar menu that appears on mobile and tablets will soon be available on Desktop. Chat tray will get more prominent on Desktop as well.
  • All kind of check-ins update will appear with the bigger images on the timeline or news feed. If you check into a place, it won’t just reflect as so and so checked in here, but a wide-detailed map will appear alongside as well. If you like or check into a restaurant, you will see the cover photo of the restaurant’s Facebook page.
  • If you are sharing any link of a website or news links, the featured image of that link and the meta description will appear.

To Sign Up for a wait list, Login to your facebook account

  •  Click Here to open the wait list Sign Up page, if “click here” button doesn’t work copy and open the link ->
  • Scroll down to end of the page.
  • Click On Try the new look  Button.

Things to Know About Upcoming Facebook News Feed - techinfoBiT



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