How To Fix “Certificate Not On Phone Or SIM” Error For S40 Phones

How To Fix “Certificate Not On Phone Or SIM” Error For Nokia S40 Phones

The certificate not on phone or SIM error occurs when you are trying to download something from the internet on your Nokia S40 mobile phone. Following are the reason of this error


  1. Deleting the certificate manually from the settings- security settings folder.
  2. Getting your phone flashed at unauthorized repair shops. It is strictly not recommended to do so as the software uploaded in this way isn’t recommended for your phone. It voids the warranty, deletes all the certificates on the phone, and may render ur phone useless.


  1. Update ur software using Firmware Over The Air(FOTA). If available the phone will b sent certificates which you’ll have to download & then install.
  2. Try reinstalling firmware using Nokia Ovi Suite/Nokia PC Suite. It’ll install the recommended & genuine software for the phone & with it, the certificates will get installed.
  3. If nothing works please contact the authorized Nokia Care Centre in ur area. Please note that the above-mentioned reasons & solutions work for s40 phones. I’m not sure about other platforms such as s60 etc.

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