Google Announces a Thinner, Lighter Samsung Chromebook For $249

Google Announces a Thinner, Lighter Samsung Chromebook For $249 - techinfoBiT

The internet giant Google has announced a new Chromebook which will be manufactured by Samsung and its price will be 249 USD. Buyers will be able to order starting next week. This new Chromebook will feature an 11.6-inch screen power of running 1080p full HD video, just 0.8 inches thickness, weight 1.1 KG(Approx) and Google has claimed that it will have enough juice to run for 6.5 hours on battery under average usage.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president for Chrome and Apps, said: “the goal was to create a thin, light, portable computer which is great quality.” The team sees this as a second device people use at home, as a complement to their desktop computer or a more powerful laptop”, he added.

SVP Sundar Pichai and his team went through a quick demo to show how someone might use the Chromebook which are basically laptops that use Google’s cloud-centric Chrome OS, it will be having all the web apps from Google like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Hangouts etc, integrated. You can do everything that you are able to do with the Chrome browser.

The Chromebook might be helpful for light works and browsing but not for the regular heavy usage. Google is also emphasizing Google Drive as the best way to store files and make them available across devices, so the new Chromebooks will come with 100 gigabytes of free Drive storage for two years. However, the device also has the internal storage of 16 GB flash memory to store few important files offline.


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