How do I book my ticket using the IRCTC mobile ?


To book your ticket using IRCTC mobile follow below mentioned steps:

1. Login to IRCTCmobile on your mobile phone and Select ‘Booking’ a) Enter first three characters of city or city code in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ field b) Select ‘Next’ from the ‘Option’.

2. Confirm city by selecting ‘From’ and ‘To’ for the desired city and Selects ‘Next’

3. Select the ‘Class’ from ‘Option’

4. Select the ‘Date of Journey’

IRCTCmobile will fetch and display the trains a) Select the desired train and Select ‘Next’ b) Select ‘Train details’ from Options to view the details

5. After confirming the Itinerary review, Select ‘Book’

6. After reading the disclaimer, Select ‘Next’ in Options

7. Select ‘Passenger List’ to add passengers. Alternatively, Passenger details can be added by selecting ‘New Passenger’ from Options

8. Select the desired check boxes against passenger names and Select ‘Add to Ticket’

9. Select ‘Next’

10. Enter the mailing address where the ticket has to be delivered

11. Enter the credit card details or cash card account no. and select ‘Continue’ from Options

12. Enter ‘CVV’ or cash card PIN. and Select ‘Next’

13. Select ‘Book Now’

Note: An I-ticket* with itinerary details is displayed and stored on the IRCTCmobile. I-ticket will be sent to the mailing address * only I –tickets can be booked from the mobile phones. I –ticket is delivered to the passenger through courier at the postal address provided by the IRCTCmobile user. The user cannot take print out of I- ticket.

Note: Through IRCTC mobile, you can book a train up to 90 days in advance and 2-3 clear days in advance excluding the date of journey and you can book through IRCTC mobile for anyone.

How do I view my stored I-tickets on the IRCTC mobile ?

The procedure for viewing an I-ticket on IRCTCmobile is:

Open IRCTCmobile with the appropriate PIN

Select ‘My Tickets’ icon

Select from ‘last booked ticket’ or ‘Fetch all tickets’

You will be able to view all the ticket details like: PNR, Ticket no., passenger name, fare details, train details etc.

How do I synchronize the IRCTC mobile ?

The procedure for synchronizing the IRCTCmobile is:

Select the ‘Sync’ option in the main screen of your IRCTCmobile

The synchronization process will be initiated

Summary of the uploaded or downloaded items will be displayed on the phone screen

Select ‘OK’ to return to the main screen.

 Update:- Download official IRCT  application for android user and login with your IRCTC credentials. Now mobile booking is easier than ever.

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