How To Block All Ads And POP-UPs windows


I want to share a tip to all people who are tired from lots of pop up menus and irritating flash ads, this tip will makes you browsing experience Ads and POP-UP free.

In almost every browser they have in built POP-UP blocker but that wasn’t enough to block POP-UPs like and etc.

To control all Ads and POP-Up you need to use  plugin/adons which help you in handling all Ads and POP-Up for you. For Mozilla Firefox there is an adons called Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus Pop Up and Addons. You could install both of these addons from your browser’s Add-ons page.

In Mozilla Firefox

Go to option and click on add-ons.

>>> Search for Add block plus

>>>> Click on install after finding the appropriate Add-ons.

>>>> Restart the browser.

If any ads are available even after that just right click on the Add an click on  Addblock plus: Block image/add/frame.

In Google Chrome

Go to chrome webstore and search for Adblock or click here.

>>>Install and enable this extension.

>>>Restart Chrome.

Now Addblock Plus is also available for chrome in Beta version, but I”ll recommend you Adblock because in chrome adblock handling all adds more efficently.

These type of plugins/extension/add ons are available for every browser.

If you have any suggestion or confusion on this post just leave a comment or mial me at [email protected]



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