SwiftKey is Going to Be the Part of Microsoft

SwiftKey Is Going To Be The Part Of Microsoft-techinfoBiT
Image Source: SwiftKey

Most of the Android and iOS users might be already familiar with SwiftKey but for those who don’t know, SwiftKey is the most popular and widely used keyboard app for Android and iOS gadgets, for example, cell phones and tablets. 

Currently, SwiftKey is installed on around 300 million devices. SwiftKey utilizes a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that empower it to anticipate the following word the user expects to type. SwiftKey learns from previous SMS messages and output predictions based on the current input text and what it has learned.

The news is Microsoft is going to acquire the SwiftKey for around $250 million and Microsoft will make the official announcement within a week. According to an article posted on “The Verge” Microsoft Keyboard may not be the primary reason for this acquisition because Microsoft already has a very decent keyboard, So maybe they are interested in SwiftKey’s research into artificial intelligence. After Sunrise and Acompli this will be another popular app acquisition by Microsoft.


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