How To Hide Chrome’s “Download Bar” Automatically


When you download files in Google’s Chrome web browser you will see them listed in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Here they are listed until you close the toolbar manually, or close the web browser itself. The main reason for displaying downloads indefinitely until you act is that it allows you to interact with the downloads. You can open the folder the download has been copied in to, or open the file right from Google Chrome.

If you do not need that functionality at all, or only rarely, you may prefer to either not display the download bar in Chrome at all, or automatically hide it when downloads complete.

Google has unfortunately removed the experimental flag from Chrome that disabled the download bar in the browser. That leaves extensions as the only option to change the behavior of the downloads bar in Chrome.

Always Clear Downloads is a free extension for Google Chrome that automatically hides the Chrome bar when the last active download completes. To be precise, it clears complete downloads every five seconds from the downloads bar without touching downloads that are still in progress.

The five second interval should give you ample time to execute files or open folders if you’d want to do that. And if things do not, you can still hit the Ctrl-J shortcut and open the downloads folder manually.

The extension is perfect for Chrome users who do not interact with complete downloads in the browser.This can be really useful for users who make lots of downloads regularly, for instance wallpapers, images, videos or other files that do not need to be run right after the downloads complete.

Clearing the downloads when they complete means that they won’t be listed anymore in the downloads manager. Again, if you do not use it then it should not be an issue at all for you. You can right-click the extension icon and select disable from the context menu to turn it off temporarily.


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