How To Install Microsoft Virtual PC on Windows 7


Microsoft virtual pc is very useful tool for using xp environment on windows 7 and also an ultimate solution for the tools or program or software which have compatibility problem in windows 7 either due to system architecture problem or due to any other reason.
So Virtual PC does the job of creating new system environment and u can use that environment to install any other operating system according to your requirement. In fact its like creating a virtual machine that gives a virtual system platform to the operating system to run correctly..
I have been using this tool from last 3 months after purchasing my laptop which is x64bit machine.

Yes… !!!!
I got many IDEs but I also wanted to work with TC for real c programming experience and so I installed virtual pc with win xp service pack 3. Now I am totally satisfied with this tool….
Installing Microsoft virtual PC is freely available on its official site just size of 32 mb approx.
Download the Microsoft virtual PC 2007 from its official site by clicking here.
1. Install the Microsoft virtual pc by double clicking on setup.exe after competition of download.
2. Open Microsoft virtual pc click on new to create virtual machine.
3. Click next in welcome to new virtual machine wizard.
4. Point the create virtual machine in option window.
5. Name the virtual machine (like xp workplace) and chose the location where you want to save the virtual machine click next. (I would recommend to locate in any another portion beside C drive ).
6. In operating system window select the operating system which you want to install in virtual machine and press next.
7. In memory option you can adjust the RAM allocations for virtual machine but keep it in recommended form and click next to proceed.
8. In virtual hard disk window select the new virtual hard disk but if you have created virtual hard disk earlier then select the an existing hard disk Click next to proceed.
9. Select virtual hard disk location select the partition whose space you wish to allow to use virtual machine.
10. Click next then finish completing the virtual machine creation wizard.
11. Now open the Microsoft virtual machine again from program.
12. Select the name of your virtual machine created earlier and click start.
13. Minimize the virtual machine console window and restore you virtual machine window.
Here you have to prepare for the installation of operating system either by cd/dvd of os or by the iso file of operating system that you wish to install is required.

For iso file

1. Go to the option cd and select capture iso image
2. Locate the OS iso file location and restart the virtual machine and installation will start automatically….
3. Click hare for xp installation wizard.

For cd/dvd

1. Go to the cd click on use physical drive —:
2. Restart the virtual machine and installation will start automatically…

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