How To Install Windows XP on Microsoft Virtual PC


Windows XP can be install either from USB devices or by the CD/DVD, but some bios doesn’t support USB booting option. In that case only CD/DVD booting is possible…….let’s take the look of step wise instruction for installing windows XP via CD/DVD

For installation copy CD content on the select 1st boot device removal devices and restart the system or if you have image file extract the image file to pen drive

Insert the CD/DVD and restart the system for next step.

Note: – remember one thing the installation required through startup it will also installed from previous installed old version of windows but windows can’t offer you all function means you can’t use all potential of any OS setup, like partition so I strongly recommend you to install by booting.

1. Press Del continuously for booting menu select boot option and set first boot priority device to CD/DVD, press F10 to save and exit press enter to start booting.

2. Be focused on startup and wait for a message “press any to boot from CD……” press any key fast to start setup.

After few seconds you will see the blue window named windows setup.

3.  In next window named windows XP professional setup, you have three option here.

a. To set up windows XP now press enter.

b. To repair windows XP installation using recovery console, press r.

If you wish to repair your previous installed OS go with second option by pressing “R”.

c. To quit setup press F3.

Well you have to go with first option by pressing ENTER.

4. Now you have a window named “Windows XP licensing agreement”. Press F8 to agree the agreement page.

5. Now you have a page named “windows XP professional setup”.

Select the partition where you want to install read all instruction carefully and follow the steps…… press c for creating  partition in selected partition, press D to delete partition and enter to install in existing partition F3 to escape/quite from setup

6. After selecting partition you will asked for format partition select format the partition using the file system NTFS file system by pressing enter.

7. System may restart several times during the installation and each time you will see the message “press any key to boot from CD…..” but don’t again press any key otherwise you have to all above work again basically it means the setup is start again by pressing any key so keep in mind it.

8. Next steps are entering product key, selecting language and choosing time zone and selecting windows update setting

9. Set time zone like +5:30 font Indian time, language English or whatever your language… proceed to next.

10.  If you wish to update windows set it to “check for update but let me choose….. Download” genuine windows are required to update

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