How To Install Oxygen OS on OnePlus One


After days of delays and missing deadlines, OnePlus finally released their own custom ROM named Oxygen OS for the their flagship killer device One. Android 5.0.2 based Oxygen OS seems very smooth and clean at the first impression but I’ll write complete review only after using it for at-least a week, probably in my next post.
So in this post I’ll explain about the installation process if u haven’t installed it yet. To install Oxygen OS you should have few tools pre downloaded on you system like TWRP recovery, Google USB driver and yes indeed Oxygen OS ROM. Download all the above tools and then follow the following process:-
1. Connect your phone to Windows PC and update the driver (skip this step if you already updated Google USB driver installed on your system)
2. You need to install TWRP recovery, this can be done by two method, either by instruction mentioned here or by the OnePlus One toolbox what we used to install CM12 (read here my previous post to know more about OnePlus One Toolbox and it’s installation process.)
I have used the OnePlus One Toolbox for installing Oxygen OS on my OnePlus One.
3. Once you get TWRP recovery installed on your device, unzip the Oxygen OS file downloaded from their website, file name might be
4. You will find a file called file. Copy to your phone
5. Turn Off your device, after device is turned off, press and hold power button & volume down key for few seconds, after a short vibration leave the buttons. Your phone will boot in recovery mode.

6. Tap on install, on next screen locate the file
7. Slide the horizontal arrow to flash your device with Oxygen ROM.
8. As soon as Oxygen OS get installed you will see the successful message. Now you need to reboot system to complete the installation process, so tap on Reboot System.

9. Now again start your phone in recovery mode as we did in step 5.
10. This time you will have default OnePlus recovery option. Use volume key to move it up & down and power button to select the option.

11. Press volume down key to select the option wipe cache and press power button to start wipe cache.
12. Use same method like in Step: 11 and reset device to factory setting.
13. Once everything is done navigate to reboot device and press power button to reboot your phone.
14. Now you will have Oxygen OS installed on your device.

Wiping cache and doing factory reset is not mentioned necessary on OnePlus’s official guide but I found this necessary to avoid minor issues comes after installing custom ROM on device. I faced an issue where I was unable to transfer any data on my device after flashing with O2 but wiping cache and doing factory reset fixed this issue for me, so its my recommendation that please wipe cache and do a factory reset from recovery mode before installing any apps or before configuring your device.

Enjoy Oxygen OS, share your reviews or query in comment section…

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