How to Measure the Boot Speed of Windows 8

How to Measure the Boot Speed of Windows 8

There is a noticeable difference in the boot process of Windows 8, according to Microsoft,  it’s one of the fastest booting operating systems created by the company yet. But the question is how fast? If you are also having this question on your mind then this post will help you know how fast it is then the earlier system.

The developers of BootRacer have released a beta version of BootRacer 4.0 to measure the boot speed and luckily this also is compatible with the Windows 8 operating system.

All you need to do install Boot Racer 4.0 on your system and hit the start button to benchmark your Windows 8 running system. The Boot Racer will configure itself to monitor the next system start so it will also ask you to restart the system to get the benchmark data of your system.

The application will start monitoring the system performances and create a benchmark data for you which you can access as soon as the system will be turned on and the application will finish the process. On the benchmark report, you will get the information like the time it takes the system to get to the login screen and to the desktop, and how long the waiting time on the login screen was; also you will get a rating based on the performance.

TheBoot Racer 4.0 comes with an option where you can configure the program to run on every boot, and check the boot history to see how it changed over time.


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