How To Register For SBI Mobile Banking And Download “State Bank Freedom” Application


The registration process for SBI Mobile banking is the same for other State Bank Group banks. The process consists of two steps, the first is getting the appropriate application for your mobile and second is activating your service.

Get Your User ID And Password (MPIN) To Register For SBI Mobile Banking

For Featured/Nokia Users, you need to send an SMS as following, MBSREG Nokia xxxx to 567676, where XXXX is the model number of your mobile phone. You’ll receive an SMS with your User ID and temporary MPIN and a link to download the application.

You can also send a link to you cellphone  or download application in desktop by just selecting your cellphone’s model by the official page of SBI just click here

And then transfer it to your device using a USB device or over Bluetooth. Note that you’ll still need to send the SMS to get your login credentials and to complete the activation process.

The application is Java-based hence your mobile should be Java enabled to run the application.

NOTE:-  Always try to download directly to your mobile phone because many times copying application from the desktop/computer does not allow to use all functions of SBI Mobile Freedom Application.

Mobile Banking Over WAP

In case your mobile is not Java enabled then also you can use mobile banking, to do so you need to visit this official page of SBI  this page from your mobile browser and login with your User ID and MPIN.

As soon as you login to your account, using either the application or through the web portal, you have to change your existing MPIN, your MPIN should be six digits difficult PIN because it will be the access to your one of the most sensitive financial data. Do not write on paper or share your MPIN or any other password or PIN/Username/Passwords of your bank account with anyone.

Activate Your Mobile Banking Services

Once you have finished the installation process, you have to proceed with the activation of SBI Mobile Banking. This process can be done either by visiting your SBI branch or any SBI ATM nearby. If you wish to activate by visiting your branch, simply fill the form which you can get from your branch manager. The easier way is to visit any State bank ATM and activate the service yourself.

Activation Through State Bank ATM

Insert your ATM/Debit card and choose services. Select Mobile banking and then choose Register. Enter your mobile number twice (to confirm). You’ll receive an SMS confirming your activation of services. Now you can do most banking related works from your mobile phone.

As per the latest RBI instructions, you can perform transactions (funds transfer, bill payments, shopping etc) of up to Rs.50,000 each day.

Update: SBI has discontinued the State Bank Freedom mobile application. Now, “SBI Anywhere” is capable to do all the banking work on phone however you can also directly login to your online banking using the mobile web browser. Download the “SBI Anywhere” now from Play Sore or App Store.

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