How To Remove The Unwanted Web Address Form New Tab/Home Page In Firefox. Or How To Remove “mystart.incredibar” &” baylon”


These days this the frequent problem with the new users. So I am going to solve this problem for them its very simple,   you have to follow this following steps…

1. type about:config in the url address bar of your browser hit enter.

Hit enter , it will thow an error like

Accept this. Click  on “I’ll be careful, I promise” .

2. search for “babylon” (without the ” ” quotation marks) in the search bar

It will show a window like below

3. Now right click each line and reset every single one that is returned in your babylon search .

After that previous window will look like this

Concentrate on status here every one is default.

4. Set a default search engine (mine is google) on the line that says browser.newtab.url – do this by right clicking and choosing MODIFY to change to your desired search engine.

Now you are out of your problem restart your browser…

Here I have discussed abut  “babylone”  .  It is also helpful other similar problem like “Smartbar.ConduitSearch”  & “Smartbar.ConduitSearch”.

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