How to Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Remove CM12 from OnePlus One

Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO -techinfoBiT
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My last post was about how to install android Lollipop based CyanogenMod 12 on OnePlus One. Many people out there who has installed it on their One Plus One, but now are thinking to return back to KitKat and their reasons may vary. I have done this yesterday just for curiosity.

I was pretty much satisfied with CM12, even currently it is in beta phase as it is more stable & featured than other ROMs. If you aren’t happy or due to any other reason want to return back to CyanogenMod 11S this post will help you. Most of the steps involved in this post are already used in the CM12 installation process.

There are two methods to flash OnePlus One with CM11s ROM. Before going any further please take a backup of your complete internal data because you will lose your data in this exercise.

I’m recommending you please read the previous post which will be very helpful to understand this installation process. Read the previous post here.

Since this post is about removing CM12 and installing CM11 so I’m assuming that you already have the latest driver installed on your PC and also TWRP Recovery is installed on your OnePlus One. Return Back to CM11s from CM12 using the following method.

Method One

1. Download OPO CyanogenMod 11s ROM.
2. Enable USB debugging on the phone. You may need to activate Developer options to do this: Settings >>> About Phone >>> Build number (Tap the build number 7 times, you’ll get a prompt as it gets close). Settings >>> Developer options >>> Android debugging.
3. Connect your device to the PC and Put CM11s in the root of your device.
4. Start your device in recovery mode, to do so turn off your phone then press and hold power and volume down key together.
5. As soon as your phone will boot in recovery mode you will see the TWRP recovery window.
Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO -techinfoBiT
6. Tap on install and browse the CM11s Zip file which you transferred in the device’s internal storage.
Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO -techinfoBiT  Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO - techinfoBiT
7. Select the CM11s Zip file and swipe right to start flashing.
8. If everything will fine you’ll get Successful message, now reboot the system to start the installation.

Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO - techinfoBiT
This process didn’t work sometimes, in that case, you can try the method you already used during CM12 installation

Method One Plus One (2nd)

1. Download OPO Toolbox version 5 which has CM11s inbuilt.
2. Start your phone in fastboot mode and connect to PC.
3. Open OPO_Toolbox application.
Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO - techinfoBiT4. Select version of your device. >>>>  Click on flash CM11 XNPH44S.
Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO - techinfoBiT
5. Wait for a few minutes, on next boot you will have the CM11s installed on your phone.

Return Back to CM11s from CM12 | Install CM11s On OnePlus One | Uninstall CM12 OPO - techinfoBiT
6. My recommendation is, do a factory reset before doing any app installation or transferring your data, to do so complete startup formality go to setting >>> backup & reset >>> factory data reset >> reset the phone.
7. CM11 XNPH05Q update is already available so once CM11 XNPH44S get installed on your device you can also upgrade to CM11 XNPH05Q.

Enjoy CyanogenMod 11 On your OnePlus One.

If you need any other help just leave a comment.


  1. My computer is detecting my phone but it shows a kind of a error (“!” inside a yellow triangle) when connected in fastboot mode.

    In second method do i need to unlock bootloader??

  2. 1. will it surely increase my battery life if i downgrade from CM12 to CM11.
    2. do i have to root my phone to use 2nd method or it will automatically get rooted after using 2nd method.
    3. and do i need to unlock bootloader.
    4. and what about phone warranty period after downgrading.

    • Hey Utkarsh,
      I hope this will help you..
      1. Yeah it will increase battery backup as many user saying, personally I never felt that much deference in battery backup but many user complaining poor battery backup with CM12.
      2. Root isn’t required for any of the method.
      3. Yes you need to unlock the bootloader.
      4. Nothing will happen with your warranty.

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  3. Hi Nishant
    I using one plus one mobile Version CM12.0
    Bcoz have problem with CM12
    I want degrades from CM12 to CM11.
    But I want to do degradation through on One plus one itself
    Am not using PC or laptop
    It is possible to degrade without PC or laptop

    • If you have TWRP install on your device and you have the CM11 ZIP file you can downgrade. But my recommendation is to arrange one system and take proper backup of file then flash or do whatever you want.

  4. I downloaded cm11s signed zip then wiped cache partition and data and factory reset then tried to install update through cm recovery…says E:footer is wrong
    E:signature verification failed. Trying to install without PC on unrooted 1+1 running cm12(update unrooted phone + overwrote twrp recovery, which has several backups…sorry this is so long

  5. Can I install cm11s without root from my stock recovery of cm 12s? do I need to unlock bootloader? DO I need to wipe system data ? Is root neccesary? I also want a way to install rom without losng my data

  6. I m following 2nd method
    I installed version 1.4 and again 1.3…
    So I just have to install ADB drivers,fastboot drivers n connect my device to PC in fastboot mode?? that’s it?

    • Check if the drivers are installed properly, if you are following 2nd method don’t check for attached devices. connect your device to PC in fastboot mode >>> just mark the version of your device and click on flash.
      In 2nd method there shouldn’t be any such issues.

  7. And one more thing, In that second method, do I have to download that drivers(ADB drivers)??
    I downloaded it n after installing it, it’s not detecting my device 🙁

  8. By downgrading, will it effect my warranty??
    And after downgrading, of If wanna go back to cm 12s, will I be able to do that?

  9. I put my phone in “fastboot mode” and I connect my phone to pc but it always keep saying “Waiting for device” ?! is there something I should do ?!*I’m doing the 2nd method” and if I downgrade my phone can I update it in future in same regular way ?!

    • Check if your driver is working properly or re-install the driver. Yes you can upgrade anytime and you will also get regular OTA. Don’t forget to lock bootloader after finishing installation.

        • Connect device in normal mode.. >> let the driver update/install >> remove device >> put your device in fastboot mode >>> connect wait for few some time one or two minutes see if its detecting in system’s notification center >> sometime it may not show there but still you can click on flash CM button from OPO Toolbox.

          Or try in some other system, try in windows 7 PC i had similar issue in my windows 8.1 PC.


          • I tried this on other PCs but still the same problem with me 🙁 Plz help me, my phone can not hold the whole 1 day !! it’s like oven and the battery is really really bad ! 🙁 I hate the 12.1 !:(

          • Hey Majeed,
            You can try first method.
            When you are getting this issue ? while checking attached device or after clicking on flash. ?
            If you are getting this issue while checking attached device you can ignore. Connect your phone to system >>> then put in fastboot-mode >>> select version of your device 16/64GB and click on flash, try flashing two three times.

  10. Hi,
    I have updated to latest CM12S (Android 5.1.1) purely using OTAs. I have never applied any other modifications to the phone. Currently if I press power + volume down button it takes me to cyanogen recovery.
    However I am quite annoyed with the reduced battery life in CM12S and hence would like to go back to CM11s. Can I directly apply the method 2 mentioned by you or would I need to do any additional steps before using method 2?

  11. Hi,
    I have updated to latest CM12S (Android 5.1.1) using regular OTAs. I have never rooted the phone or installed TWRP (Basically never modified anything). Currently my phone takes me to Cyanogen Recovery options if I press Power + Down Volume button.

    However I am quite annoyed with the battery life and would like to go back to CM11s. Can I use the second method directly? Or does it require certain things to be done before I can apply method 2?


  12. Hi Nishant,

    This is actually unexpected, I have lost the sync of my internal storage with my gallery and play now after updating opo to 12.1, is there any solution for this..?

    • Hello Naggy,
      I had 12.1 nightly on my OnePlus One and I never had any such issues. I’m not sure about this build, but what I can suggest is try clearing Dalvik cache once and later factory reset(If clearing dalvik cache doesn’t help)

  13. Hi Nishant,

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I need a clarification. I upgraded to CM12 via OTA update.
    Do I need to unlock the bootloader to flash CM11 via fastboot method?

  14. bro after updating lolipop I face battery problem will it solve after come back to kitkat and will I face any problem after come back to kitkat pls help me

    • I never faced that issues in any versions of CM or not even in Oxygen Os. So if this is your only issue and if u are liking the lollipop you can try resetting your device. You can also reinstall CM12 freshly with recent YNG1TAS213 ROM.

  15. Hi man, I hate a lot of the “features” Lollipop has and that make it much worse than KitKat on my OPO… If i choose to revert, can i keep my data or do a backup to use once im back at cm11 ? So basicly can i keep my settings , data, etc or do i loose everything and start with a blank cm11 ?
    Thanks !

    • Your data will be safe if you will flash with TWRP recovery… But u need to install all applications again.
      If u will install with opo toolbox everything will get erased.

  16. I had reboot in recovery mode and it is showing that cyangon recovery in blue colour and it is showing option like reboot system, updates sysyem…… But not showing in TWRP form.

    • Okay got it now.. 🙂
      your TWRP recovery got flashed with default CM recovery, now you need to install TWRP again. You can easily install it using OPO Toolbox, don’t worry your data will be safe.

  17. Hey Nishant,
    I brought my opo 6 months back and its still unrooted. i’m fed up with the battery drain n various other bugs of cm12. should i root or wait till the 12.1 update or go back to 05Q update of cm11..

    • I will suggest you to wait for 12.1 update or you can also try Oxygen OS, I’m using Oxygen OS and I’m happy with it. If you aren’t too attached with Lollipop features u can return back to CM 11s the default one. Actually I found the default CM11s is best specially the sound quality and performance. I’m also hoping OnePlus will improve audio output quality in upcoming updates.

  18. Hey Nishant,
    I have purchased OPO recently but hesitating to update it to CM12 after reading various reviews regarding the degradation in the performance of the phone… What would be your suggestion ? Should I update it or not ?

    • Hey Dhiraj..
      Recently I have installed CM 12.1 on my OnePlus One it seems very much stable and smoother than CM 12. So my recommendation is wait for 12.1 update.

  19. can i please get the link for the driver….. and how to install the driver… i dont know thy bu i am not able to install the driver on my win7 running laptop.

  20. I have just updated to cm12.0 through the system updates menu and I want to revert back to kitkat, i have two questions, will i lose all of my data (app info, settings, app data) and if so how can i prevent the loss, also which method would be the best for my situation.

    • Yes you will loss your app data and personal info but you can prevent your internal storage, if you follow the Method 1 for installation and perform below instruction before flashing zip file.

      Boot in recovery mode >> choose wipe >> advance wipe >>> check Dalvik, syatem, cache and data(Don’t check the internal storage) >> Swipe to wipe.
      It will wipe everything but you personal data will be safe.

  21. H Nishant,

    Do I need to unlock the bootloader for the first method?

    I tried the same when I updated to 12S without unlocking the bootloader.

  22. Hey Nishant,

    Does the above process wipes away the data from the OPO and will I be back to CM 11 and Android Kitkat version ? CM 12 sucks Big time.

    Thanks !

    • No it won’t wipe internal data, just be careful while performing wipe, I’ve mentioned in previous comment not to check internal storage…
      Yeah this post is about returning back to CM11s. I”ve also removed the CM12 and installed the Oxygen again on my OPO.

  23. Hey.. Yesterday, I updated my OPO to Oxygen OS through the OTA update..Before the update, I unchecked the ‘update CM recovery’ in developer options (as I was planning to root and install TWRP)
    So, now I have OTA updated Oxygen OS without Root.. What kind of issues will I face now that the recovery has not been updated along with the oxygen OS.. I was thinking of factory resetting my OPO from inside the settings menu to get back to CM11S and then OTA updating again…will factory resetting revert me to CM11S from oxygen OS….? There are a lotta questions in this comment..pls answer all yhxx 🙂

    • You really talking about Oxygen OTA or you wanted to say CM12 OTA, because as they mentioned Oxygen OS can be installed manually only. Anyway if you really got Oxygen OTA and if you want default Oxygen recovery. Enable developer option >> Go to developer option >> check “update OnePlus One Recovery >>> then do factory reset (Remember it will erase your all data so take backup before performing this factory reset). I”m not sure this will work but you can try this.
      Till now no one updated any issues and bugs related to OTA so can’t say anything about that. Root isn’t necessary for any installation so its up-to you whether you want to root or not.
      After performing Factory Reset from inside setting of phone it will not revert to CM11S it will and it shouldn’t it will just reset your current installation.


    • Yeah u need to unlock boot-loader again if its locked.. But sometimes it also works without unlocking bootloader. So Unlock if you facing any issues.

  24. Is it posaible to roll back to cm11 without wiping the data or rooting the phone. Cuz i did it that way with out whiping the data using stock recovery. Please help.

    • Root isn’t necessary for installation os ROMs and if you will use TWRP Recovery with proper steps, you will not loose any of you personal data… Boot in recovery mode >> choose wipe >> advance wipe >>> check Dalvik, syatem, cache and data(Don’t check the internal storage) >> Swipe to wipe.
      It will wipe everything but you personal data will be safe.

  25. Is this CM 11S link is same as the OS that came with my One+ brand new. With CM12 nightlies.. the calls are going to voice mail after 10-15 min. inactivity..

    • Yeah the link is same…. About your call issue since you are using nightlies which is unstable and it might have few issues. so keep updated to changelog and update with recent nightlies, they might have fixed this issue in recent updates.


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