How To Save or Download an Entire Website


Sometime we like to browse some website or some web-page offline for either study content or troubleshoot content. For example we often use some tutorial website or blog for learning information technology and we would like to save entire website to read later like an  e-book or we would like to  browse the offline whenever you need.

We have an Open-Source application called HTTrack . This is an awesome application it can download complete web-page of any website and it also have an option to update the downloaded web-page with new release just after going through few steps…!!

The steps are as follows:–

1. Download and install HTTrack from their official website by clicking here.

>>> This tool is available in all windows version and also for Linux.

2. Install and open the application.

3. Click on next in first HTTrack window

4. Write the project name, project category and path where you want to save the project or web-page, fill all detail and click on next.

5. In new window you will ask to add URL and select the action type…

>>> download website(s).

>>>>download website + question.

>>>> update existing download.

Select what you like to do.

Add URL from address bar of your browser.

Click on next

6. In the next window you have to choose some option according to your choice like what you want to do after finish download etc.

7. Click on finish.

Download will start, now wait for complete the download process it may take several minutes.


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