Improve Your Browsing Experience With Google Search


I would like to share some cool tricks to make Google search more useful and convenient…!!

Google is the best search engine and most used search engine in the world, you can find anything with Google search even you typed wrong keyword for desired search topic . But these trick make your searching experience more interesting and easy, you will got your exact desired result on the top of the search result.

Try these tricks…!!

0. To know the present actual time of any place just type “time place (name of place)” hit enter.

1. To search the meaning of any words just type “define word(any words)”.

Examples to search meaning of kind ->  define kind  >> hit enter.

2. To convert distance write “convert amount 1st unit IN 2nd unit.

Example to convert 1 meter in centimeter -> convert 1m in cm  >>hit enter.

Same for convert temperature units

3. To convert currency type convert 1st amount (with first currency name)   IN destination currency.

Example to convert 01 USD in Indian rupees -> convert 01USDin INR>> press enter.

4. If you want to search any content on some specific website, suppose you want to search a song or movie on

Just type “Ra one”. First result will be your desired search.

5. To Site: Search type “” it will search within the entered website.

to search something on Wikipedia. for example you want to search obama on  Wikipedia just type “obama wiki”

Enjoy searching Google.

if anyone have more trick on this topic kindly mail me on [email protected] or just leave a comment. I’ll heartily appreciate your feedback.


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