LG Has Released Software Update for LG G5 to Fix the Security Patches

LG Has Released Software Update for LG G5 to Fix the Security Patches-techinfoBiT
Image Source: LG Mobile

LG G5 the semi-modular flagship device from LG which is released on 21 February 2016 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and now it’s already available globally. Few complaints with the software have been raised by users since its first preview at Barcelona, finally, LG heard all those minor issues raised by the users on a different platform and started seeding one heavy 500MB update for the LG G5 SmartPhone.

There isn’t any changelog and specific details about what are the changes, features & improvements are but about the update LG mentioned – “Usability improvements through Google patch” and “Phone usability and functionality has been further improved”
Considering the update package date 14 June and size of the update, we can assume that it will have some big software improvements and all the patches released by Google until June.

If you haven’t received the OTA yet, try checking the update manually, and share whatever features and improvements you find after installing this update. You can also try checking the App Update section in Update Center to check if there is an update for its system apps.


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