Mouse Cursor Blinking-Flickering After Installing Ubuntu 14.04

Mouse Cursor Blinking - techinfoBiT

Mouse Cursor Blinking-Flickering is an another very common issue after installing, upgrading/updating Ubuntu. Mostly this issue is appearing in laptops. I have faced this issue several times and the fix is so simple that I’ve been ignoring to post on blog but recently someone asked about this issue so I thought why not to post a small article about this to help them who are still stuck in this issue.
As I said solution for this issue is very simple just follow the following steps:-
1. Click on search icon and search for System Settings >>> Open System Settings.
mouse cursor blinking - techinfoBiT
2. One next window click on Display.
mouse cursor blinking - techinfoBiT
3. On next window you will have “Built in display” and “Unknown Display” click on “Unknown Display”.
mouse cursor blinking - techinfoBiT (3)
4. Now below the screen option you will have an option to Off/On Unknown Display >>> Click on button or slide the button toward left to turn the Unknown Display off by sliding the button to ri.
mouse cursor blinking - techinfoBiT
5. Click on “Apply” button.
mouse cursor blinking - techinfoBiT
6. A pop-up will appear asking “does the display look OK ?” >>> Click on “keep this configuration”.
mouse cursor blinking - techinfoBiT
7. You mouse cursor will not blink any-more. Now close system setting window.




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