Nokia Bringing New Camera Lens Called “Nokia Smart Camera” for Lumias In Upcoming Updates


Nokia already done lots in their cellphone’s camera lately, Now nokia adding one more “Lens” lets call it “camera feature” in the upcoming updates(Nokia PR2.0 Amber) which is expected to seeds in either this month(August) or next month for high end Lumias. The Lens will be called “Nokia Smart Camera” which is pre-installed in Lumia 925, Lumia 1020.

So what “Nokia Smart Camera”  will do.?

This new lens is going to provide options that allow the user to control shutter speed, manual white balance and other advanced camera options like…

The Action Shot

Capture more of the action than your eyes can see. The Action Shot feature in the Nokia Smart Camera lets you snap once to get a sequence of movements in a single high-quality image.


The Motion Focus

The Motion Focus feature on the Nokia Smart Camera recognises what you want to focus on, and makes sure it’s illuminated. It simulates action by keeping your subject still and blurring the background, giving the illusion it’s moving at super speed. And the best part is that the person taking the photo, doesn’t have to move at all!


Waiting for seeds hope “Nokia PR2.0 Amber Updates” will launched with many more features like Nokia Smart Lens.

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