Old Software/Driver Compatibility Issues in Windows 8 | Install Any Old Software/Driver on Windows 8


Windows 8 is released just few months ago, even windows published guidelines to upgrade to windows 8 from previous version of windows but many user upgraded their previous windows to the windows 8 even that the hardware is not fully compatible with the windows 8. We have already seen the many hardware compatibility issues on several forums and support centers for example – “USB 3.0 isn’t working on some windows 8 PC”, some software and drivers  are not working after installing windows 8 on my system etc.

these issues are just because many hardware provider isn’t upgraded their  drivers yet  to make it compatible with windows 8 but here i’ll help with all of such common issues regarding hardware and software compatibility.

If your are shifting from current operating system to newer windows operating system then  there must be some software which you love to use in the newer windows operating system but it may not works in your upgraded windows OS due tho the compatibility issues

So What  Compatibility Mode does.

Compatibility Mode is a set of tools that will add small pieces of code to older programs to help them run on newer versions of Windows.

How to run a any program in compatibility mode:-

To run any program in compatibility mode follow the following steps:-

1. Right click on the setup file of the program.

2. Click on the properties > a pop-up window will open having several option tab click on Compatibility.

4. Select your previous version of the windows or the earlier version of windows which successfully executed the program earlier.

5. Optional:-  Tick the checkbox “Run this program as an administrator”.

6. Click on Apply >> Ok

7. Run the setup either by double click if it still does not work  right click on the setup and choose  run as administrator.

Tested and working with various systems and tools.

Gud Luck

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