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In a large number of websites, we need to configure passwords with a secure pattern, in this post, I am going to share some basic tips and tricks on password management skills.

1. First, categories all accounts.

2. Make a default unique code for ur password which can be your roll number, city pin code, birth date, or phone number but remember that birth date and phone number very easy to guess.

So if you want the more secure password you can try alphanumeric characters or characters in uppercase and lowercase characters, like SaTyaM1984, bondoo7 but use alphabet ‘O’ for number zero and number zero for alphabet ‘O’, such passwords are very strong and difficult to crack it.

3. Now create a password format according to the group of accounts, this will help you to make every password different, unique and easy to remember.

4. Always keep password strong so that it can’t be cracked easily and remember the combination of alphabet + special character + numeric is the most secure password format that’s why some sites have made this mandatory.

Manage digital accounts or organize your online accounts as shown below:

 Group Type Websites Password Format
 A Most Secure Email Accounts(Primary),  banking, any financial site name + name + special  character + numeric code
 B Secure Social media sites,  Blog

Eg. Facebook, Twitter, IRCTC, Blogger, WordPress etc.

 Site name/name + special  character + numeric code
 C Useful Secondary Email  accounts, Site name/name+numeric  character
 D Unusual/Temporary Name, site name or numeric code  only

Now create your password formats:

 Group Format
 ASite name + name + special character  + numeric character

Example –  [email protected]

 BSite name/name + special character + numeric code

Example –  [email protected] or [email protected]

 CSite name/name+numeric character

Example – yahoo12345 or  jason12345

 DName, site name or numeric code only

Example –  torrentz/Jasonbourne/12345

I hope the above post will be helpful for you and if you have any question or query please feel free to leave a comment below.

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