Password Management Skills


In large number of websites we need to configure password with a secure pattern. Well, I’m here to tell u about some basic tips and tricks on password management skills.

1. Firstly make grouping of accounts.

2. Make a default unique code for ur password which can be your roll number, city pin code, birth date, phone number but remember that birthday and phone number very common code.

So if you want more secure password you can try alphanumeric characters or characters in small case and normal characters, like SaTyaM1984, bondoo7(O, not zero) zero on the place of “O” and “O” on the place of 0(zero).  Such passwords are very strong and its not easy to crack it and the best part of such passwords is that it is easy to remember also.

3. Now make password format according to group, which will help you to make every password different, unique and rememberable .

4. Always keep password strong  so that it can’t be cracked easily and  remember combination of  alphabet + special character + numeric is most secure format and some sites make it necessary like sbi and other banking sites……

5. It makes ur every password unique and easy to remember with strong strength.

Manage registered account means prepare Ur web group as follows…….

 Group Type Websites Password Format
 A Most Secure Email Accounts(Primary),  banking, any financial site name + name + special  character + numeric code
 B Secure Social Community,  BlogEg.. fecebook, twitter,  irctc, blogger, worepress  etc. Site name/name + special  character + numeric code
 C Useful Secondary Email  accounts, Site name/name+numeric  character
 D Unusual/Temporary Name, site name or numeric code  only

Now make your password format according to group……

 Group Format
 A Site name + name + special character  + numeric characterExample –  [email protected]
 B Site name/name + special character + numeric codeExample –  [email protected] or [email protected]
 C Site name/name+numeric characterExample – yahoo12345 or  jason12345
 D Name, site name or numeric code onlyExample –  torrentz/Jasonbourne/12345

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