Patna High Court Has Granted Bail To Gaya Road Rage Accused Rocky Yadav

Patna High Court Has Granted Bail To Gaya Road Rage Accused Rocky Yadav

Its been just a few months when I posted an online petition on seeking justice for Aditya, this petition got around 1.5 lakhs signature in a week which is a huge number in itself.

I know everyone who signed that petition definitely had a hope that the government will listen to the voice of masses because we are the one who had elected them and they are committed to serving us, but we all are wrong because right now there is no such thing like police, system, and governance in Bihar; there are only a few things like power, approach, and connection which directly or indirectly controlling the government.

That means if you have a connection and approach with the ruling party then you can do anything you want including killing some innocent 19-year schoolboy and pouring acid on someone !! Yeah, these days this is the real scenario in Bihar where self-acclaimed Sushasan Babu Mr Nitish Kumar’s government has failed to prove the open-and-shut case of Aditya Sachdeva in the court of law.

I don’t know much about laws and judicial procedure but after judging few incidents eg. the release of Criminal Mohammad Shahabuddin and Rocky Yadav, I felt petty about the Patna high court because though they know who is a culprit but unable to punish them due to lack of evidence. Aren’t these incidents making the mockery of law & order in STATE?

I was watching TimesNow and was shocked with the news about bail of Ex-MLC son Rocky Yadav who had killed, Aditya Sachdeva a 19-year-old schoolboy in Gaya Road Rage. Everyone including Government, police, and court who granted the bail knows that Rocky Yadav is guilty and he still gets bail which is shameful. I doubt that Nitish Kumar is ruling Bihar; because for me, it seems goons are ruling there and we all know what I meant by saying goons.

Here are some facts which make this bail more shocking:-

  • According to TimesNow, Rocky Yadav has submitted a confessional statement wherein he admitted to having opened fire. He also confessed to receiving help from his relatives to abscond post the murder.
  • On June 10th, Rocky Yadav, Teni Yadav and bodyguard Rajesh Kumar were charges sheeted under section 302 (Punishment for murder) and 120B (criminal conspiracy). Rocky’s father Bindi Yadav was also charge-sheeted.
  • The day Rocky was arrested, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Sunil Kumar had announced that the case would be put on speedy trial.
  • Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar personally met with Aditya’s family at their house in Gaya and said accused will be punished very soon.

It is so embracing for Bihar Police and self-acclaimed Sushasn Babu who personally visited the family in grief and made a commitment for the Justice. We all very well know about the moral level of politicians, who only think about their benefits from such incidents and Police are exactly like what we see in movies, the puppet of the ruling party.

I’m feeling extremely sorry for Aditya’s family because I conversed with his family several times and I know what they are going through. I believe everyone will feel sad after hearing the bail of such person who is a Murder and threat to the society, but we are helpless, don’t know whom we can trust when Government, police, and the High court is not able to punish murder like Rocky Yadav.

Here, I am requesting everyone please follow the following link, sign the petition, and share it on your social media pages with #JusticeForAditya even you have already shared earlier, may be our only hope the honourable supreme court will hear this and cancel the bail immediately.


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