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My hunt for perfect earphone under Rs 3000 ends to Piston 3. I have tried many types of earphones. Actually I was like crazy about earphones. Sometimes even I asked unknown persons in buses and trains to let me try their headsets. I still remember a few faces who didn’t want to give their headsets, but they had to because we are Indians, We can say no to known persons bur can’t say no to unknown ones..

I remember the sound of Senheiser CX 300 II, Xiaomi Piston 2, HiFiMan and JBL T100A. Senheiser CX 300 II definitely has a different level because I also tried other earphones of Senheiser but CX 300 II is amazing among them.

Normally I don’t like earphone with mic, but I liked the Xiaomi Piston 2 which has inbuilt mic. I have read some reviews about Xiaomi Piston 3 and I have already experienced the Piston 2. Thus it was easy for me to render it a try.
IMG_20150602_1131522 IMG_20150602_1133071  IMG_20150602_1135542
The piston 3.0 is yet to release officially in the Indian market, but I managed to buy it from ebay seller. The official price of Piston 3 is around 1000 INR since it’s not available in India I got it in 1700 INR, but it still seems a good deal for me. In the beginning I was a bit scared as to what if it was a duplicate, but thank god I got a genuine one. I’m using it on OnePlus One whose audio output is magnificent. In fact I should say the best audio output 🙂 So OnePlus One is a perfect device to test the potential of any earphones.
Now let’s talk about sound quality and design, first I wanted to mention about the design, design is very elegant, the finishing is very impressive. It gives a truly premium feel when you touch it or utilize it. For cable Xiaomi followed their Piston 2.0 design with silicon wrapped cables followed by Kevlar wrapping after the left and right earbuds branch. It holds three buttons and a mic, like they have used in Piston 2 buttons will help you control audio e.g. Volume up – down, play – pause and next – previous. The sound clarity of the mic is actually surprisingly good, The remote and mic are positioned right next to the mouth which makes it more natural and comfortable to speak into. Speaking of comfort, it’s worth noting that the earphones are extremely easy to break for extended listening sessions. No shirt clip is included in the box. I should suppose the clip is not that necessary in this version because the mic is close Earbud it will be almost near your mouth so I don’t believe you will be needing a clip to tag it.
IMG_20150602_113430 IMG_20150602_113623 IMG_20150602_1135123
Sound quality improved in base, mid and high sound ranges. In summation, the sound balance is also amended. The audio is more detailed and genuinely deep bass. It gives the really high quality audio out – put. You will be capable to take heed to all tiny music clearly. Unfortunately, these headphones do not provide a strong noise cancellation, but I can’t make any negative scores for this.
The design of the 3.0 over the previous generation is more “open” which means that the sound leaks a little more and the noise isolation isn’t as great. Both of these are on the very low-end, however, as you could still use them at work without annoying anyone next to you.
sec-3-bsg sec-6-img huosai-bg-14-1s
Final Verdict: – If you managed to set up proper bass & all you will be amazed with audio output. So this is a kind of product for which you can stretch your budget a bit if it’s not fitting in your wallet.

(It would be incomplete without you Neeraj thanks for convincing & gifting this awesome product…..)

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