Rotation Lock, Driving Mode and Text Syncing to PCs Coming Soon in Windows Phones


Microsoft is preparing to launch the GDR3 update to Windows Phone 8 and is apparently testing some builds. Among the new features Windows Phone users can expect are rotation lock, UI changes to Live Tiles, text syncing to PCs, and a driving mode option made for in-car use. For some reason, the rotation lock wasn’t included in the versions that were released before but that gotta change with the arrival of bigger screen Windows Phone devices. The UI will also be revamped to accommodate the larger full HD screens which should be found in some devices that will be released later in the year. As for the text syncing capability, this feature might not make it in time for the GDR3 release as it’s still being finalized. With this capability, users will be able to view text messages on the web and on PCs, which is pretty neat. When it comes to the release date, it is said that the Redmond giant will unveil the GDR3 update in mid-September when a new large-screen Nokia device will be announced.


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