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This post is about virtual printing option
In daily working life we need to print lots of things and many times we need to save page for future reference or many time we want to save any successful transaction screenshot while making online banking works or doing any payments/banking works. Many times we wish to save ticket for printing through another computer.
Here is a free tool which makes your work totally easy and tension free for saving any documents by screenshot and any other sources.
Screenshot is saving only the content which u have on screen that not enough because if you need any website content for future reference then we need to save all detail of website from website name/website logo to last line/copyright line or all header and footer content of the site…!!
Well I have an awesome solution for this issue, we all know about PDF that was ultimate solution for this issue. So for saving any web content/documents we can make PDF of the website page and save all page like an Ebook.
Follow these steps for making PDF…!!
1. Download CutePDF By clicking here its available to download for free.
2. Install the tools by double clicking on setup.exe.
3. After installation, open the site whose data you need to save.
4. Open the page to be downloaded.
5. Press CTRL+P to print.
6. Select CutePDF after asking for choose printer.
7. Then follow the steps next/ok
8. Chose the target folder where you want to save click.

Your job done…!!

This tool is working as virtual printer and making/printing you documents in PDF format. We can convert any file to PDF just go to printing option and select CutePdf as printer.
Please leave comments if it is helpful for you and if u needs any help on this topic…!!


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