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In this How-To post, I am going to explain the way to Save any webpage as a PDF file or convert any documents and images to PDF.

Printing documents is the part of daily life either its train ticket or any school, college or any kind of official documents, but in this post, we are going to talk about a new way of printing lets call its “Virtual Printing”. We are not going to actually print the documents or contents on the paper but it will use the printing method to convert the documents into a PDF file and store on your system.

We need to print lots of things but many times we just wanted to save the page for future reference or sometimes we want to save the successful transaction screenshot while making online banking work or doing any payments/banking transactions. Many times we wish to save the tickets on system or pen drive so that we can get it printed from another PC or maybe from the cyber cafe.

There is a free tool which can make your all these work very easy and hassle-free for you, it can convert all printable files into PDF in a blink.

This is very useful when you want to save some webpage, yes you have the option to take screenshots but taking a screenshot will save just one screen at a time but converting the opened web page into a PDF file can store a long screenshot of full-page no matter how long the page is, from header to footer you can store all on one single PDF file using this method.

This free application is called CutePDF can do all these for you, it will install and add itself as a printer so whenever you press the CTRL+P or the printing option/button you will get CutePDF or save as PDF option and by choosing that option this toll will store your file as PDF on your system.

Follow These Steps To Convert or Print a File as PDF:

  1. Download CutePDF Writer and Converter both By clicking here its available to download for free.
  2. Install the tools by double clicking on setup.exe
  3. After installation, open the site that you need to save.
  4. Open the page to be downloaded.
  5. Press CTRL+P or Goto file and click on the print option to print.
  6. Select CutePDF on the screen where you will be asked to select the printer.
  7. Then follow the steps next/ok
  8. Chose the target folder where you want to save a click.

This tool is working as a virtual printer and creating/printing your documents in PDF format. We can convert any file to PDF just go to printing option and select CutePDF as printer.


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