Tech to Look for in DSLR Cameras

Tech to Look for in DSLR Cameras-techinfoBiT
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Looking for a new DSLR camera? You will be overwhelmed with the long list of the possible options. It is harder to decide what to pick if you are not aware of the technical specs and what they mean. In this article, we’ll break down the technologies to look for in a DSLR camera. Whether you are buying a new one or considering NYC camera rentals, look for innovative features to make the most out of your DSLR.

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Aperture Priority Mode:

This allows users to control and adjust the aperture of the camera. It gives you control of the amount of light that enters the camera during exposure. Changing the aperture makes the background blur or clear depending on the effect you want to achieve. Wider aperture places the emphasis on the subject, which causes the background to blur. Mastery of aperture priority mode allows you to control the depth of field.

Internal and Rear Focusing:

Manufacturers like Nikon have developed Internal Focusing technology, which allows lenses to deliver faster focusing. The lens does it without changing its size, making it lightweight and compact. On the other hand, with Rear Focusing technology, while the lens is divided into segments, it is only the rear part that moves. This makes the autofocus operation faster and smoother.

Wi-Fi or Connectivity:

DSLRs with Wi-Fi connectivity have been more popular in recent years, unlocking a whole new world of possibilities. It facilitates wireless connections, eliminating the need to deal with USB cables when you are transferring files from your camera to your computer, such as when post-processing your shots. With Wi-Fi, it is also possible to upload photos and videos directly to social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

4K Video Recording:

DSLR cameras do not only take photos. They can also shoot exceptional videos in high definition. With 4K video recording, the footage will have 4,000 pixels of width, which makes it hard to rival in terms of clarity. If you are a professional videographer, this technology is a must-have in your DSLR. 4K content is the future, so you should invest in a camera with such capability.

Battery Grip:

While most of the technologies incorporated into DSLR cameras are technical by nature, the battery grip is physical. This feature comes handy when you need to have easy access to the spare battery, which is great for professionals who shoot for an extended period. Aside from having a mount for extra battery, it also makes it easier to hold a small camera, especially if you have a large hand.

Dust Removal System:

Keeping dust off your DSLR needs to be a priority to keep it in its best shape. Manually cleaning the camera regularly is a good practice, but one feature that helps to maintain the camera is the dust removal system. It shakes the sensor vigorously. The vibrations make it possible to get rid of dust in the sensor.

Whether you are buying or renting a DSLR camera, take note of the features mentioned above and take photos like a pro!


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