Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review | Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review | Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality-techinfoBiT
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I have been using Redmi Note 3 Indian version since last one week and I’m trying my best to update every review and my experience with this device. I have shared unboxing and the first impression about Redmi Note 3 a week ago, later I have posted about its camera review. Read those posts also if u haven’t read yet.

In this post, I’m going to share my review of the audio quality and other media features.

I love music but I also prefer listening to music with headphones. For me, audio quality is very important other than the camera, so it is the 2nd most important feature I care about in any smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has personalized & dedicated custom apps for music and video, including the default Android’s Play Music for audio playback.

The MIUI music player is similar to Android’s default Play Music but it has some extra features, different UI, and interface. On now playing section it shows three screens, which you can navigate by sliding left & right whereas the main screen displays current track with music options like the repeat, next, previous etc.

Left screen has the list of songs you are playing and right end screen displays the lyrics option. The music player has many catchy effects, transitions and transparent elements for “now playing” screen.

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The Xiaomi’s Music app has a customizable equalizer with some default presets available to use. MiUi has many unique features and one of them is MiSound enhancer, which comes into play when you use headphones. MiSound Enhancer has the pre-configured setting for the different type of headphones, especially for Xiaomi’s headphones.

It also has the default android play music app which has Snapdragon Audio+ as default inbuilt equalizer.

FM Radio: I have received many queries about FM on this phone and if its supporting FM recording or not? The answer is yes and yes. Redmi Note 3 Indian version comes with FM radio and it has an inbuilt antenna so inserting headphone is not necessary to play FM. The device comes with pre-installed official FM app which also has the recording options.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality (20) Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality (21)

Video Play: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 features a separate video app, the default video player has a very basic interface but it supports rich video codec. I have played many types of videos and it manages to play them all successfully including MKV & WMV file. The default video app also supports AC3 audio codec. The default video app supports all type of video I have tried yet, but if you are a fan of MX-Player and your video has the DTS, AC3, MLP audio track it won’t be able to play audio, in that case, MX player will play the video only which can be easily fixed by downloading this audio codec.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality (13) Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality (14)

Audio From Speaker: If you are a one of those who likes to play music on loudspeaker then you might get disappointed because the speaker is on the rear side of the device, so if your phone is on bed or desk you will not be able to hear the music or ringtone properly until the volume is full.

Sound quality from the speaker is loud and clear but on full speaker volume, it sounds a bit noisy which you can fix by adjusting the equalizer according to your preferences. I have noticed an insignificant vibration on the back panel of the device while listening to the music on loudspeaker.

The vibration is increasing with increase in speaker volume. This is a conventional issue which we come across low budget phones with a plastic body.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality-1 (2)

Audio From Headphones/Earphones: The audio output from headphones is magnificent, Redmi Note 3 is producing outstanding sound quality by headphones. I have tested the sound quality with few earphones like Creative Ep-660, JBL T150 A, Sennheiser CX 180, Piston 2 & Piston 3 etc.

The audio quality with headphone is really amazing whereas listening with Piston 3 & CX 180 was best among other earphones. Redmi Note 3 has the variant of audio setting which are MiSound Enhancer, an equalizer in audio settings and Snapdragon Audio+ with Google’s Play Music app.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality  Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Audio Quality Review Redmi Note 3 India Music Quality

I think MiSound Enhancer deserve the credit similar to equalizers. To experience the best audio quality, enable the MiSound Enhancer then customize the equalizer according to your taste. The sound quality with headphones has the rich bass with very clear, detailed sound, you will be able to hear every single piece of music very clearly.

Redmi Note 3 is also able to maintain and produce the same quality of audio on different volume levels. The sound quality feels very stable and noise free even on maximum volume (while using headphones/earphones).

If you love music and you also prefer listening music through headphones/earphones then this will be another reason for you to like Redmi Note 3, my personal feeling is, the music quality with headphones should be on the list of top features about Redmi Note 3.

Phone Call Quality: Phone call quality is the first and most important features of any phones. The Redmi Note 3 has very decent call quality, you can hear the phone calls clearly even if you are in noisy traffic. The device has too many call settings & features like call recording, auto call recording, missed call reminder, flip to silent, stop vibrate when lifted etc.

The overall audio sound quality of Redmi Note 3 is impressive, you will surely like listening to music or watching the video with headphones. I think the placement of the speaker is very bad and old fashion, else the speaker’s sound quality is also good.


  1. I’m using mi pro hd ..earlier using Samsung note 3 earphone with it… Sound is really really amazing with mi pro hd.. u have to hear it to believe it.. it’s awesome ..I had never heard music like this before .

  2. my redmi note 3 was giving me high quality sound when i was recording anything like guitar or voice etc from default voice recorder but its been few days its not giving me that high quality sound when i am using the voice recorder.not only the low quality its giving but the volume of that sound is also too low when i turn it to full volume.for me voice record is an equally important function that has to have in smartphone.and i dont want to download any third party app for voice record..do you have solution for it

  3. My call volume is too high. Hw do iIreduce it? Whn I’m talking to someone in d phone everyone around me can hear what d other person is talking. Pls help me reduce d volume.

  4. I think there is a bug in the phone’s loud speaker. The volume goes very low at some instance and refuses to go back. Even if you try to increase the device sound by pressing on the volume button it doesn’t help- it shows its full neither do you get the speaker symbol in the drop down!

  5. MiSound Enhancer is not working in MIUI8 in redmi 3s, however its working in previous MIUI7 very well, frustrated bu this kind of update by redmi that they removed previous feature from UI

  6. Hello Nishant ji, which one is better for sound quality via headphone, redmi 3s prime or redmi note 3. Its very importent to me, so please clarify my confusion. Thanks..

  7. in my mi note 3 sound sucks my ear and brain . i was using inkd skull candy and it’s sound irritate me. i want clear heavy sound i wl give 5/10 for sound quality…. 🙁 bass is good but treble iritate me….

  8. Last one month se use kar raha hu phone is super in every aspect no one can deny those who use it but sound quality is just simple I am using jblT200a ear phone per audio quality me bilkul maza nahi aa raha hi

  9. hi…
    i m little-bit confuse to but redmi note 3
    i want a very good smartphone in just 12,000
    which have good camera quality,long bettry life, best ram&rom
    plzzzzz suggest me…
    a fully loaded smartphone

  10. when i am lising music by useing earphone and when i full the volume then its causes hang and opening google voice

  11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Available (deleted)

    Experience many firsts with Redmi Note 3.
    Not only is it first in the world to feature Snapdragon 650,
    it also boasts an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor, large 4050mAh battery,
    and a premium metal body never seen before in Redmi phones. It is hard to imagine that with these enhancements,
    Redmi Note 3 is still 21g lighter than Redmi Note Prime.

  12. I have Sony XB 250 headphone … and I lv bass enhanced sound ….and I m looking for good bass enhancing handset .. so, xiaomi redmi note 3 is the best choice or not ….

  13. Hi, My Redmi Note 3 doesn’t detect speaker input…It works well with headphones but when I connect speakers, it is not detecting it and plays through the inbuilt speaker…Please test it if possible

  14. Sir I have redmi 1s now I have facing one issues when I download any app from play store but cant download apps just says waiting for wifi network what can I do? Please help me sir

  15. Bhai Plzzz Ye to btaa do Ki SD Card Ke liye Alag Se port Diya Hai ya Fir SIM Card Ki Jaagh Lagti Hai kya Plzzz Answer my question

  16. Hello Kya Ap Ye btaa Sakty Ho Ki …Xiaomi Ne App Security Preloaded Di Hai Kyaaa And kya App Lock Ho jata hai ……And Koi bhi person Delhi Aa sakta Hai kya And …apko Aapke Phone Ki Battery life kesi lgi kyaa ye 2-3 Days Standard bay chal sakti hai …..
    Thanks And Good Night

  17. Hello ……Nishant
    Redmi note 3 , 3 March Ko Lunch Ho Raha hai
    Kya Aap Ye Btaaoge Ki Note 3 Ki Price Kya hai ( 32 GB Variant ) And Registration Ki Link De Do …..

  18. Can you please do battery charge test with quick charger 2.0/3.0 to see if it charges in under 100 minutes like the Moto phones that come with 25W turbo charger?

  19. Hello
    Kya Ap Ye Btaa Sakte ho Ki Mobile Ki Call quality Kesi hai ..and Back Speaker Ka Sound kesa & Kitna laaud Hai ,,,,,,,Kya mobile 15 – 20 Miter Duur Ho Or Kisi Ka call Aaye to kya Sound Clearly Sunaai Deta hai kya ……plZz Answer Bhai …in Hindi


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