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Thanks to TechPP, they selected me as the winner of their contest and sent me the OnePlus 2 Invite. Whoever will read this post might be already knowing how hard is to get hands on OnePlus 2 a self acclaimed “2016 Flagship Killer”. I got invite on Friday around 11 AM, ordered the device on 11:30 AM and amazon did amazing job by delivering within 7 hours. So it will be very soon to say complete review/feedback about the phone but I’m going to share just first impression of OnePlus 2.

Whenever one will talk about OnePlus 2 they will surely compare it with OnePlus One because OnePlus 2 is its successor. The packaging was very nice but not better than OnePlus One because the box was very common and we are used to see in Nokia’s phones but packaging is least important. Important is the Device, it’s performance and user experience. The phone will give you really very premium feels in your hand because the build quality of the device is magnificent. It has many features which is very new, important and useful for users which are as follows :-

USB C-Type
Till now almost all OnePlus fan might already know about USB C-Type that it doesn’t have features which was expected and which are also supported by the Snapdragon 810 like fast charging and fast data transfer. USB C-Type is definitely the futuristic upgrade but it is not full futuristic because fast charging and fast data transfer is also necessary to be full future proof device.

Upgraded Camera
The OnePlus 2 has a 13MP rear facing camera with OIS that boasts six physical lenses, a dual LED flash, and f/2.0 aperture. Perhaps most impressive is the sensor, which contains large 1.3 micrometre light-collecting pixels to deliver low-light shots. The OnePlus 2’s camera is really improved alot when compared to that of OnePlus One’s Camera, Image is more clear and stable. OnePlus 2 has advance additional features like Optical Image Stabilization system (OIS). Rear mounted laser technology sharpens and focuses the camera in just .33 milliseconds. OnePlus has also included new custom camera app which the default camera in 2. I liked the app thats why didn’t installed Cyanogen Camera yet.

Fingerprint Sensor
This is another new & important feature of OnePlus 2 which works perfectly fine. I would like to recommend that ignore the negative fact mentioned about 2’s fingerprint sensor, for me its working perfectly fine and I don’t have any complain about fingerprint sensor. P.S.: It’s really quick.

Physical Alert Slider
Alert Slider is the feature which is very useful for people like me, I can turn off alert with just a slide of a button, all notification and alert can be controlled by just sliding a button placed on the left side of device. It has three positions for three different alert settings :-

-Alarms Only

-Priority notifications only

-All Notifications

New Oxygen OS
Oxygen OS comes preloaded in OnePlus 2 which is very stable and bit customizable. I would love to mention about the app permission features which is one of the most awaited feature. I didn’t spent much time on this, I will post detail review about this feature in upcoming full review post.

Upgraded RAM, Processor, Display & Battery etc.
It has full HD display which is improved and better than OnePlus One. It has 4GB DDR4 RAM and snapdragon 810 which gives stable and smooth user experience. Around 120 apps are installed on my device right now but it still giving the same user experience like it was with no apps installed. So the performance is as expected but… –

– Few Unexpected This From OnePlus

MonoSpeaker with dual speaker grills
Unlike OnePlus One which had a louder speaker output from both speaker grills, its not the case of its successor, the speaker is over the right side grill and left side grill just has a microphone. Though the sound is not as loud as before its pretty decent and as usual the output from earphones is simply great.

Delayed and slow Invite system
It is really unexpected from the company like OnePlus, head of the company committing many things but later they are making excuses for delay in Invites. OnePlus should learn from their past failure and they should be prepare for future instead of making excuses.

So called 2016 Flagship Killer
We all remember OnePlus One, how can we forget that many of us still using and many of might be still planning to buy OnePlus One which has the tagline Flagship Killer actually OnePlus One was the Flagship Killer the time it released but I’m not agree with 2’s tagline, I can’t say it is 2016 Flagship Killer because its lacking many features and some features should be more improved. Features like NFC, fast charging, fast data transfer are missing. Features like camera need more improvement to compete with the camera of other flagship devices from Samsung, LG, HTC and upcoming Nexus 5. It has full HD display which is improved than OnePlus One and personally I don’t have any complain about display because yeah Quad HD would be more sharper and better than full HD display but that would be also battery killer. Quad HD can eat more and more battery which would be worst so its convincing not to use Quad HD, but in coming year all flagship will have Quad HD display. So before calling it 2016 Flagship Killer it should be future proof.

Unboxing Images (ordered Tempered Glass separately):-

-Image courtesy, my friend Neeraj

OnePlus 2 is not 2016 Flagship Killer but still it is the best device in it’s price range which is 25K. It might not be the 2016 Flagship Killer but it will always be flagship killer in price range under 35K including few features which is new and better than other pricey phones.


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