OnePlus 2 Started Getting Another OTA Update | Oxygen OS 2.0.2 Released For OnePlus 2


OnePlus 2 got their first OS update just ten days back, which was also the first ever OTA for Oxygen OS. OnePlus started seeding another OTA update for OnePlus 2 from today, which has few bug fixes and improvements. List is small but still its impressive that OnePlus taking customers complain seriously, bug fixes and improvements are :-

  • Improvements to fingerprint recognition accuracy
  • Resolves a bug that could cause volume to be muted unexpectedly
  • Stability improvements to the front facing camera
  • Camera preview UX improvements

Many users posted complains about fingerprint issues on Forum and blogs, even I faced this few times. I have updated my OnePlus 2 just few hours back, I never faced volume related issue so I can’t say anything about that but I’m seeing improvement in fingerprint sensor not only in fingerprint recognition accuracy but also in home button. Fingerprint recognition working bit faster now, its taking less time to recognise and unlock the device. I felt home button is also working faster & more responsive after updating to Oxygen OS 2.0.2, personally I was irritated with home button but thanks to OnePlus its working fine now.
A 2.1 update is in the pipeline with more significant improvements, which the company has scheduled for mid-September. Finally, you don’t have to worry much if there is any issue with the new phone as the company says, “We are listening to all of your concerns on the forums and social media, we’re committed to maintaining frequent updates to address your major pain-points without delay.”

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