Google Launched Online Storage Service For Personal Files Called Google Drive

Google Launched Online Storage Service For Personal Files Called Google Drive - techinfoBiT
Image Source: Google Drive

Google has launched the online storage service called Google Drive, a product that stores personal documents, photos, videos and a wide range of other digital content on Google’s computers. Every Gmail users can use the Google Drive available for free just by accessing the URL, Google is providing 5 GB online storage for free (Now it’s 15 GB)

Google will be storing these files and all type of data that you will be uploading to Google Drive on massive data centers, Google Drive will is also mobile phone or smartphone friendly so you can access it from any smartphone, tablet, computers, laptops and from any devices which privately browsers.

Another interesting feature of Google Drive is you can share these files very easily with anyone you want publicly or privately just by sending the link of your files them. If you have a large file and you want to email one specific user then you can just upload the file on Google Drive and share the link via Gmail, you don’t have to upload all large file as email attachment.

If you think 5 GB is not enough then Google will also give you an option to upgrade your storage but that will be chargeable.  Price of additional storage is starting at USD 2.49 per month for 25 GB up to USD 49.99 per month for one 1TB, equivalent to five laptops with 200 GB drives. Offering online storage is part of a technological shift away from storing personal files on a single machine in a home or office to entrusting them to computing hubs accessible just about any time at any place with Internet access. The concept has become popularly known as “cloud computing.”

However, Google is late for this type of services because there are many small and big companies which are already providing free online storage or cloud storage services since long back. Google is a late arrival in what is shaping up into the Internet’s version of storage wars. Apple, Microsoft, and pioneering startups such as Dropbox and Box are already providing cloud storage service for their users but Google will definitely going to be benefited in Google Drive adoption since Google has a strong customer base for its email service called Gmail.

If you are using any cloud storage service then you won’t find many differences except some basic functions and UI. You can also install an official software for Google Drive and sync your data by login with your Gmail account.


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