How to Bring the Start Menu Back in Windows 8

How to Bring the Start Menu Back in Windows 8 - techinfoBiT

Microsoft has launched too many cool features with the Windows 8,  it has most changed and different UI so far in comparison of the earlier launched Windows OS. Removing the traditional Start Menu is one of the most controversial steps by the company and it’s being criticized by the users and reviewers. If you want to bring back the classic Start Menu then this post will help you do that. There are many programs which can help you bring back the Start Menu, some of them are as follows:


Start8, I have used this application on my system and worked perfectly but it’s not free and you will have to buy the application which may cost you $5 but it will get you the full-fledged Start menu on Windows 8 with inbuilt option to choose a different kind of themes and customizations.

Classic Shell

Classic Shell is even more customization, Classic Shell has options that can make your Start Menu look like Windows XP to Windows 7.

Classic Shell also lets you bypass the Start screen, as well as comes with tweaks for other Windows programs like Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, and more. It’ll even bring back some features from the old XP days.


If you do not like the other two application mentioned above then you may also try the StartMenu8, just install it, and you’ll have your old Start menu back—that’s it. You may not get the Start Menu experience you are looking for but it will do your job without any hassle. It doesn’t have many customization options but this is the best option if you just want to install something for free and get the Classic Windows Start Menu.

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