How To Combine Multiple .vcf File Into A Single .vcf File


This is a very basic and irritating issues for those who are using old Nokia Cellphone and want to import their data into either Gmail or any new smartphone. For transferring data to new smartphone there is some easy and working method which i already shared here and here. Most preferred method to transfer the contact is exporting all contact as .vcf file and import them in you email”s contact and sync your email account with your phone. For doing this when you export contacts using Nokia PC Suit you will see that  there is separate .vcf file for each contact. So its very difficult to import all file one by one in Gmail account because if you have like 500-600 contacts than you have to repeat the process for 500-600 times. But here is very easy and helpful trick to combine all seperate .vcf(contact) files in a single .vcf file so that you can import all contact at once.

1. Move all seperate .vcf file in a folder.

2. Copy the location of folder.

3. Open Windows Command Prompt (Windows + R) then type “cmd” and press enter to open command prompt.

4. In DOS windows type CD then paste (right click and select paste Ctrl+V will not work there) then press enter.

eg.. cd C:\Users\Nishant\Desktop\Contacts

5. Type COPY *.VCF COMBINED.VCF then press Enter. 

It will combined all the .vcf files in the single .vcf file named Combined.vcf

Now you can import combined.vcf into your gmail account and sync them with you device.


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  1. That was very good to know.
    But while importing file I am getting error: File format not supported
    When tried individual file, the contact is getting imported properly
    How to find which contact is creating this problem?


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