Nokia Lumia 520 Not Detecting the Micro SD Card and Showing Card Not Found


This is a common issue with Lumia phones specially in Lumia 520 when you insert any MicroSD card the first time, may be you will face this problem. So reasons behind this are Micro SD card not formatted properly, may be memory card is physically damaged, may be the card is dead etc.

So all you have to do is at first insert card in other phones or try to access in PCs so if it works in other phone or PCs than a check is it password protected if yes then delete the password and format the card. Remember Windows Phone Support only default file format which is FAT32, so you must format in the FAT32 file system. Now Insert the card in the phone after removing the password. If it still doesn’t work connect your Micro SD card to PC using the card reader and again format but this time you must format the card thoroughly means untick the option “Quick Format” and as I said file system must be FAT32. This might takes bit more time than quick format but it works most of the times so wait till process complete. After finishing the format process insert your MicroSD card in your phone and it will work for sure.

format in FAT32


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