Review Nokia Amber on Lumia 720 | How Amber Looks on the Nokia Lumia 720


Nokia Amber update is released within expected time frame, recently nokia started seeding Amber update for lumia 720 and lumia 520, now all Lumia phones including Lumia 520 & above can be updated to Amber. I also updated my Lumia 720  last week. The new update contains some new feature and that are truly important but doesn’t changed that much what we all expecting from Amber atleast for middle range Lumias. I”ll write my experience about Amber but before that lets talk about how could we update to amber if someone still not updated.

Some times it takes time to notify about update even you enable to notify, so you should manually check  for update. If there is update available phone will ask to download click download to start download(Need WiFi).


After download reached to 100% it takes some time to prepare device for installation once it finished you will see the message below.


Click on Install

It will take hardly 15 minutes to complete the installation but during installation u will not use ur phone. It will migrate your all data to latest version so don’t be panic.


In few minutes your home screen will appear.

Enjoy >>>:)

                      So, now what is my experience post Nokia Amber Update.


1. Amber definitely improved the phone performance now all application responding much faster.

2. I personally found bit improved battery life also.

3. FM Radio is enabled now.

4. Flip-to-Silence:- Simply flip the phone over and it will immediately go silent. Enable this setting from Setting >> Audio >> Enhancement >> Flip to silence >> tap to On

5.  Data Sense:- Data Sense shows you how much data you’ve used even how much WiFi data you’ve used. Swipe to the left and you’ll see a Usage breakdown detailing all the apps that have eaten up your data. You can set monthly data limit also.

6. Nokia Smart Camera:- A truly awesome application for camera it will take the camera experience to a new height, this application is still unavailable for few handset in few country but as i talked with Nokia representative it will launched for all handset which have Amber within this(October) month.

7. Glance Screen:-  To see the clock and notification on screen without unlocking the screen and it has three options by which u can set this feature according to ur need.

8. Added option “Block Number” to block unwanted calls and texts.


Nokia improved and added many features to Windows Phone 8 but still lots of  improvement needed to compete with market.

1. Still no file manage or any such option to browse files.

2. No shortcut for WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G etc like Nokia Belle and Android has.

3. Still Cant send few files like Video and Documents/Office files Via Bluetooth.

4.  The issue with file transfer via USB  cable, some user complaining about files like music and images appearing multiple times in media library and in photo even they are single file in real and if you deleted any one of them all files will just disappear, the only solution i found for that is transfer image and videos by manually remove memory card and transfer data via card-reader and reinsert Micro SD card again in phone.

5. Double tap to wake-up phone is still not available for some devices.

I Hope Microsoft will  fix these issues and add some feature which is necessary for us. If anyone facing any other issues just comment below and i”ll add in the list.

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