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Why We’re Changing Our Stance on Removable Batteries [Sponsored]

Smartphone batteries are always a sore talking point, mostly due to the fact that batteries still don’t last heavy users all day. And up...

How to Use Windows 10’s Native Screen Recording Feature [Sponsored]

Prior to Windows 10 if you wanted to record video footage from your screen in Windows you’d have to use a third party screen...

How To Optimize SEO For Video Content On Blog [Sponsored]

Handling the SEO for video content may seem tricky at first, due to the fact that it is very different from what you’re normally...

How To Transfer Content From LG To Samsung Note 8 [Sponsored]

Did you buy a brand new Samsung Note 8 and ready to enjoy all the latest features that LG phones can’t provide? Well, getting...

How To Reset Windows 7 Or Other Windows System’s Login Password

Most people setup a strong password on their computer or laptop lock screen to avoid any unwanted intrusion. Due to the increasing amount of...

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