Huawei HCNA Certification Exam: A General Overview [Sponsored]

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The Information and communications technology ( ICT), communications technology (CT) and information technology(IT)are converging as a whole, thanks to the development of information and technology. The Gap that once existed between consumers, Internet service providers and enterprises is narrowing down. Mobile broadband, cloud computing, and the internet of things — the representatives of the new technology will surely bring huge opportunities to the ICT industry.

To be successful in the ICT industry you need to be talented. Unfortunately, to succeed in this industry you need to be an absolute master when it comes to integrated knowledge, evolved standards and multidisciplinary skills. In order to produce individuals with a right level of skills and knowledge Huawei has launched its new talent program by the name of HUAWEI CERTIFICATION Solution. Huawei HCNA certification covers all the major areas of ICT.

Certification Summary
The certificate basically validates the skills and knowledge that are required for the maintenance and basic configuration of medium-sized and small networks. The curriculum of the exam includes the following:

  • The fundamentals of the network
  • The connection methodologies of different networks
  • Knowledge about the basic construction of a network
  • Common network problems and their troubleshooting
  • Commissioning and installation of switching devices and Huawei routing

Having this certification means that you are recognized in the market as someone who has a basic level understanding of both small as well as medium-sized networks. You are someone who has complete knowledge of all the basic network technologies. You also have the ability to design all sizes of networks whether small or medium. HCNA certification also means that you are recognized in the market as someone who can implement different designs utilizing switching devices and Huawei routing.

Organizations nowadays use HCNA certified individuals to construct networks and integrate storage, voice, security, wireless and cloud technologies into their particular networks in order to provide required support to different applications.

Benefits of HCNA certification

The certification can provide you with various benefits; some of these benefits have been explained in the points below:

  • Huawei is a well-known ICT solutions provider in the world. The solutions and the products of the company are currently being used in 140 different countries of the world. The brand has served 1/3rd of the entire population of the world. The majority of the customers of the company include consumers, telecom operators, and enterprises. Having the Huawei certification under your belt will make you a competitive individual in the ICT industry. The certification will ensure a successful career for you.
  • The certification is home to three different stages of career development. It is basically a three-tier certification system that achieves customer requirements of different levels of skills and ICT knowledge. The certification covers all the technical areas that are involved in ICT.
  • The company, Huawei, has an experience of more than 20 years when it comes to talent cultivation and ICT technical training. The company has around 45 different training centers established in different parts of the world. Customers belonging to 100 different countries of the world have received expert training form this prestigious organization.
  • The research and development team of Huawei contains numerous certification experts and architects. All the solutions and products are very much based on the job role. The company implements the ADDIE training development process and IPD process which meets the International ISO standard (ISO/IEC17024:2003).

Exam Dynamics cover Ethernet technologies, basic IP connectivity, and IP technologies. The exam also covers routing technologies and principles such as network management, WAN technologies, IP based security, and RIP.

Important Points
Now let’s see some of the important points which the exam will cover

IP Network

  • IP and Ethernet-based data forwarding processes.
  • Data encapsulation and IP network protocols
  • VRP commands for basic configuration and navigation
  • Subnetting, IPv4 addressing principles and address design
  • IP supporting applications like Telnet, Ping, FTP, and Tracert


  • Operations pertaining to LAN switching
  • Link aggregation configuration and application
  • GVRP and VLAN and configuration, behavior and application
  • RSTP and STP configuration, switching behavior and application


  • Application and principles of different serial technologies that are used in wide networks
  • PPP and HDLC configuration and encapsulation principles
  • PPPoE implementation and Frame Relay at the customer edge


  • Dynamic and static routing principles
  • OSPF and RIP protocol function (routing) and VRP implementation

Network Security

  • The filtering technologies pertaining to traffic and their application in the network (enterprise)
  • User management via authorization and authentication schemes
  • IPsec VPN technologies for the protection of user data


  • Network management technologies and protocols

IPv6 Networks

  • IPv6 technologies and principles
  • The IPv6 network application services
  • Routing technologies related to IPv6

Nice certificate to have!

HCNA certification is a great certificate to have under your belt. The mentioning of this certification on Your CV will create a positive impact on the person reviewing it. By a quick look at your CV, he/she will be able to understand your expertise in ICT networks. A lot of people think that mere university degrees will suffice them in their careers. Well, this is not true; if you really want to excel in your career, then it is recommended that you should get certificates like HCNA certification. The certificate will make you a true champion when it comes to designing and management of small and medium-sized businesses.

There are a lot of different forums on the internet from where you can easily find the preparation material for HCNA certification. However not every forum is credible. Try to seek help from a forum which is well recognized in your country. Secondly, it is better that you should seek advice from someone who has already successfully cleared this exam. Hope this article has been a great help to you in your efforts to prepare for the upcoming exam.

Start preparing and register yourself for this exam as quickly as possible.


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