Transfer Contacts and Other Data From Nokia’s S40 or S60 Phone to Nokia Lumias


Last post similar to this was about transfer contacts from Nokia’s phone to Android based phone and that was helpful for those who are moving from Nokia to Android now after huge success of lumia and i must say only hope for Nokia is Lumia phone’s popularity is increasing  rapidly and personally i accept that there is still lots of improvement needed to be competitor of other smartphones. Windows Phone 8 missed many basic features but thanks to Nokia trying to cover those lacks.

When we are changing phones or moving from on phone to other the basic and most important things is contact, messages and calenders in Windows Phone 8 there isn’t any default  option to bring those data directly but Nokia built an apps called

Transfer my Data  is a quick and easy way of copying contacts from almost any phone (Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and others) to your new Windows Phone using Bluetooth. Some phones may also be capable of transferring text messages and pictures, including many Nokia phones. Transfer my Data copies all your contacts into the Windows Phone People Hub, from where it’s easy to call, mail, chat or follow friends on your favorite social network. On supported phones, contacts can also be exported to and imported from an SD card.

The process of transferring the data is almost same like Nokia’s old options like “switch phones” or “sync data”, Download  and Install Transfer my Data after finishing installation you have to switch on the Bluetooth and make it discoverable on other device. Now switch on the Bluetooth of Nokia Lumia phone and open the Transfer my Data search and pair the device proceed to next page and select the data which you want to transfer to Lumia.

Few screenshots.

getready  pairing phones  wp_ss_20131226_0001  wp_ss_20131226_0002  wp_ss_20131226_0003

 Update:- The best way to transfer your all contact is, just export all contact  as a .vcf file using Nokia PC Suit and  import that .vcf  file in Gmail or in any email account >>> Add that email account in your cellphone and sync the data. Your all contact will synced on the cellphone as well as it will stored in your email account permanently.


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